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Accusoft Streamlines Document Management with Launch of PrizmDoc v12.0

Accusoft offers three new features for increased file management efficiency through its newest version of PrizmDoc

TAMPA, Fla. — Nov. 8, 2016 — Accusoft, the leader in content and imaging solutions for developers, released the newest version of its leading document viewing and imaging product, PrizmDoc v12.0.

PrizmDoc v12.0 offers three major updates that increase efficiency for file management processes, offering organizations heightened productivity and reduced opportunities for error. The new version benefits a wide range of industries, including construction, criminal justice, healthcare, legal, education, and more.

The new features in this latest version of PrizmDoc are unprecedented in this industry,” said Accusoft CEO Jack Berlin. “Accusoft is making major moves in the technology space, and we’re excited to see how these updates solve many of the top challenges businesses face with document management processes.

The three newest features offered through PrizmDoc v12.0 include:

  • Form Field Detection
    This new add-on streamlines document processing by recognizing a form and automatically creating fillable form fields. Through form field detection, organizations can reduce manual form creation and quickly embed fillable forms on their websites.
  • Microsoft Office Conversion
    The capabilities for Microsoft Office conversion enables customers to have compliant native rendering for all Microsoft Office documents in PrizmDoc’s HTML5 viewer.
  • Large document viewer and server-side search
    PrizmDoc v12.0’s large document viewer and server-side search tool supports conversions for large documents of more than 1,000 pages, minimizes viewer load-time and optimizes view and search capabilities for large documents.

All three new features are included with the PrizmDoc cloud-hosted option. For self-hosted PrizmDoc deployments, large document viewing and server-side search are included in the new version, while form field detection and Microsoft Office conversion are available as add-ons.

“Our newest features are proof of Accusoft’s top-level innovation and industry leadership,” said Tracy Schlabach, senior product marketing manager at Accusoft. “We’re the first to the market with anything like the form field detector, and each one of these features is transforming the user experience and completely revamping file management.”

For more information about PrizmDoc v12.0, please visit the PrizmDoc product page.

About Accusoft
Accusoft offers a robust portfolio of document and imaging tools created for developers. Our APIs and software development toolkits are built using patented technology, providing high-performance document viewing, advanced search, image compression, conversion, barcode recognition, OCR, and other image processing tools for use in application and web development.