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Accusoft Strengthens Prizm Content Connect with Enhanced eDiscovery and Document Rendering

Redact information with accuracy and efficiency

TAMPA, Fla. – June 11, 2015 –Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announced the release of Prizm Content Connect v10.2, featuring extensive eDiscovery enhancements that enable customers to strengthen their redaction capabilities and improved document rendering and logging of product issues to enable easier and faster support. Template based signing was also added to bring form creation and completion online to an HTML5 viewing tool.

Upgraded Redaction Features

There is no doubt that being in the legal industry comes with an extreme amount of paperwork for each and every case that comes into an office. The newly added bulk redaction feature enables users to search for specific terms and text and redact this information instantly. This alleviates the pain of having to going through each document and redact the same information over and over again.

Along with searchable, bulk redactions, semi-transparent capabilities were also added. This addition enables users to review their redactions before they are included in the document to ensure redaction accuracy.

Keeping others informed about redaction reasons is critical to successful document collaboration. With the latest release of PCC, users can now include specific information to redaction reasons. Instead of stopping to ask colleagues about why a redaction was added, users can now read the specific comment and go on with their work. Whether it’s a Social Security number or a personal phone number not pertinent to the case, users can now let others know their reasoning.

Improved Document Rendering and Quality Assurance

Converting documents to HTML versions can get messy and distort the original quality of the document. The improved document conversion engine enables users to see an accurate rendering of the original document without losing its quality.

Determining what goes wrong when software stops functioning properly can be difficult. Log data is spread throughout the system and tracking down information through hundreds of files is complex. The newly added error reporting system will centralize the system errors and streamline the reporting process, enabling faster and more accurate support.

Template Based Signing

Tracking down individuals with incorrect or incomplete forms will become a thing of the past with the newly added benefit of template based signing. Document owners now have the ability to create text fields directly in the viewer, producing forms that can be signed and completed digitally.

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About Accusoft
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