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Evizone Chooses Accusoft’s Prizm Content Connect For Redaction Capabilities In Intelligent Archiving

Evizone’s Intelligent Archive Service uses Accusoft’s Prizm Content Connect to deliver communication security and compliance

TAMPA, Florida -July 09, 2015 – Accusoft today announces that Evizone has selected Accusoft’s Prizm Content Connect (PCC) as the content viewing, collaboration, and control framework for Intelligent Archive Service (IAS), a compliance archiving and eDiscovery service that provides unprecedented control over your data, coupled with Evizone’s cutting-edge security.
There is a growing need for a single data source for digital communications that provides a historical archive used for compliance, legal actions and investigations. IAS helps companies get ahead of the compliance curve without having to completely reengineer their platform. With security at the forefront, IAS empowers users to have real-time access to their data with user-controlled search capabilities.

Evizone chose to integrate Accusoft’s PCC into IAS to deliver the capability to perform redactions on documents in their system as part of the Discovery Management component. Most organizations, especially those in the legal space, have regulatory and legal obligations regarding management of their electronic communications; control over this ever expanding data is an essential part of any risk management strategy.

“A fundamental requirement of the Discovery management component is the ability to redact information for delivery to outside parties,” says Evizone System Architect Kamila Myczkowska, Msc. “Using PCC, we have the ability to partially redact for internal consumption, as well as deliver fully redacted content outside of the organization.”

The addition of PCC to IAS empowers corporations to quickly redact personal information, trade secrets and other confidential or privileged information so that documents can be distributed to appropriate audiences in confidence. Internal reviewers will be able to read the full content of the messages using semi-transparent redactions while ensuring final production of documents includes complete, unreadable redactions.

“Security is always a prominent consideration in our product development process,” says Accusoft President Jack Berlin. “It’s thrilling to work with a company that shares our passion in this and is coming up with some truly innovative solutions that make a difference for large corporations.”

Evizone is excited to continue exploring Accusoft’s content viewing, collaboration and control solutions and find new ways to enhance their products. To find out more about IAS, visit Learn more about Prizm Content Connect by visiting

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About Evizone
Evizone is a SaaS provider of unique data security solutions. The company’s flagship Secure Communication platform provides a private email network across a user’s community. Through the Evizone client, a user can send messages, documents, and transfer files to other Evizone users with the certainty that they retain control of their own content A recent entrant in the Compliance Archiving space, Evizone’s IAS platform puts power in the hands of the end user. Visit