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PrizmDoc Viewer v13.13 Now Available with Multiple Redaction Reasons


TAMPA, Fla. –  Today, Accusoft released PrizmDoc Viewer v13.13 with a new capability called multiple redaction reasons. This new feature will be crucial for users in industries with strict compliance regulations or security requirements. 

Redaction reasons help collaborators understand the reason for redaction on sensitive documents. In highly regulated industries such as government, redaction reasons take the form of codes which represent specific redaction categories. With this new addition, multiple text codes or descriptions will appear over a redacted item in PrizmDoc Viewer to indicate the reasons for removal.

“In March, our customer advisory board members told us that the ability to configure PrizmDoc Viewer to replace sensitive content with a custom redaction reason is immensely valuable,” said Kim Rubinsak, Sr. Product Marketing Manager. “However, they identified there was a gap in the market when it comes to applying multiple redaction reasons to one piece of redacted content. Our product team took this feedback and ran with it.”

The latest addition to PrizmDoc Viewer features the following capabilities:

  • Users are able to create and add multiple, customized redaction reasons to be associated with each selected redaction 
  • These multiple reason codes (ex: FOIA exemptions (b)(2), (b)(6)) are shown on top of the black box of redacted content and can also be burned into a downloadable PDF 
  • The multiple redaction reasons may be added using the following methods 
    • Text Selection
    • Filled Rectangle
    • Full Page
    • Bulk (Sticky) Mode

To learn more about PrizmDoc Viewer 13.13, visit us here.

About Accusoft: 

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