The full list of features for AIMTools is updated regularly as they are added and released. Please check our support area for AIMTools or contact us with further questions.

compression & file formats

The patent-pending quality and speed enhancements provide for a more responsive and better quality viewing application. Derived from a highly optimized code base used worldwide by some of the largest medical imaging companies. Empowers TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and Lossless JPEG viewing for iOS and Android and viewing of file formats not supported by iOS and Android.

grayscale image decompression

View medical formats not natively supported by the iOS and Android operating system. Lossy and Lossless JPEG and JPEG 2000 8-bit through 16-bit grayscale decompression support. Window leveling for iOS and Android is available.

granular viewing

View sub-regions or regions of interest of the original image, create thumbnails and resized images on the fly, and adjust brightness and contrast levels at decompress time.

photo & document

View TIFF images on iOS (not supported by the operating system). Support also available for:

  • RGB and CMYK JPEG viewing on iOS and Android
  • EXIF tag
  • Decompression directly to multiple color spaces such as YUV, YUV2, RGB 555, RGB 565

thumbnail image resize support

  • High-speed image resize from RAW decompressed image data
  • High-speed 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64 thumbnail support