Document & Imaging APIs

Document Viewer API

Add sophisticated document viewing and processing functionality to your application.

Document Viewer API

PrizmDoc Viewer is a web service that is accessed using REST APIs. Embedded into your application, the Document Viewer API provides document viewing and processing functionality to your users.

  • Available as both Cloud-Hosted and Self-Hosted solutions
  • Supported on any platform and language
  • Supports over 50 file formats

Responsive and Configurable UI

Seamlessly integrate the HTML5 viewer into your software:

  • Responsive web design UI
    • Our sample viewer scales to fit: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • Configurable options
    • Disable tabs, localization, rendering options, encryption, default tool settings, and predefined search
  • UI code can be modified to suit your customization needs
    • Match the look and feel of your website or application

Functionality That Speeds Up Your Development Time

Rather than taking time to custom build your own HTML5 document viewer, Accusoft’s innovation offers you unique functionality and support with the PrizmDoc Viewer:

  • Image Tool
    • The Image Tool feature provides controls for sharpening, gamma, and line width when displaying your image files
    • The sharpening and gamma tools can be applied to raster images
    • The line width tool can be applied to SVG files, this tool thickens lines for easier viewing of CAD files or line drawings
  • Large Document Support
    • Minimize load time and optimize performance for viewing and searching large documents over 1,000 pages
  • Microsoft Office (MSO) Conversion
    • A viewer add-on that provides true native viewing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Help users meet compliance requirements as well as overcome fidelity issues when working with Microsoft Office (MSO) files
      • MSO Conversion is included with cloud-hosted and can be purchased as an add-on option for Self-Hosted
  • Search
    • Fixed search terms, proximity search, predefined search all with hit highlighting
    • Use the search feature in conjunction with the Redaction API to programmatically redact personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), or other sensitive data automatically
  • Server-Side Search
    • Server-side search reduces the memory load in the viewer, dramatically increasing performance of large document search results – rendering only the pages a viewer needs, rather than all the pages in order
      • Only available in Self-Hosted


Control User Access

Customize the document viewer via the API to control which functionality your users can access.

  • Augment, customize, or automate end users’ viewing client experience
  • Page navigation
  • Events
  • Zooming and fitting content
  • Markup saving and loading
  • Searching document text
  • Printing
  • Getting page and document attributes