PrizmDoc: Form Creation

Create text fields for customized forms, or detect form fields within PDF AcroForms and image files to create forms that can be completed online.

Automatically Create Fillable Forms From Documents

PrizmDoc Viewer’s Form Field Detector automatically detects form fields within PDF AcroForms and image files, creating fillable forms that are simple to fill out and sign. Some of the benefits of our web form API include:

  • Automatic form field detection and creation of interactive form fields
  • Form field type recognition and identification (AcroForm only)
  • Ability to integrate the web form API into your website or application

The Form Field Detector option can be purchased as an add-on for Self-Hosted PrizmDoc Viewer, and is included with PrizmDoc Cloud-Hosted.

Form Field Detection API Demo

Form Field Detection API

Non-PDF Forms Support

The Form Field Detector supports .tiff or bitmap documents and will recognize:

  • Underscore line
  • A low-dash line
  • A form field rectangle
  • Check box

If the Form Field Detector cannot detect a particular form field automatically, you can easily add the field manually.

Support for interactive web elements

PrizmDoc Viewer supports a number of field types with the appropriate interactive web elements. For example, date fields bring up an interactive calendar. The supported field types are:

  • Text Input Field
  • Check Box
  • Date
  • Initial
  • Signature

Once a form is created, the PrizmDoc Viewer fillable form API can be used to populate fields with data when some of a customer’s data is known. Once a user fills in the form fields, that data can be extracted and returned through for use in a database.