PrizmDoc: Search and Redaction

Search and manually or automatically remove sensitive information from documents before sharing to safeguard data.

HTML5 Redaction API

Do your application requirements call for the ability to remove sensitive content from documents to prevent misuse and protect specific parties? With PrizmDoc Viewer’s sophisticated and easy-to-use API, users can redact an abundance of content in record time on any device with a modern browser.

Within our HTML5 viewer, users can manually:

  • Add individual redactions by text selection, rectangle, or full page 
  • Search and redact by specific terms or regex patterns
  • Add redaction layers to save and edit later
  • Apply a single redaction reason or multiple redaction reasons to a given selection

Developers can customize the viewer to use predefined redaction reasons and search terms. In addition, they can pre-load redaction layers and programmatically create redactions.

Using the REST API, developers can automatically create a redaction markup file to match a set of regular expressions such as social security numbers, emails, and dates. This auto-redaction process securely removes any trace of the redacted item from the final document. Redacted content cannot be seen, highlighted, or copied, while content that has not been redacted remains fully indexed and searchable.

HTML5 Redaction API Demo

HTML5 Redaction API