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If you see a build error with the Barcode Xpress Demo like this: ld: warning: directory not found for option '-L/Users/username/Documents/Xcode/bxtest/BXDemo/../BarcodeXpressIOS/build/Debug-iphoneos' Go to Xcode>Preferences>Locations>Advanced and select Legacy. Then rebuild BarcodeXpressIOS, and you should be able to successfully build the Barcode Xpress Mobile Demo.
On Windows:
  • Open Windows Explorer and type into the Navigation Bar.
  • Right Click inside Windows Explorer to bring up the standard context menu.
  • Find "Login As" and click it to login to FTP Server.
  • Provide the user name: support and the password: 853ae90f
For any other operating system, use an FTP client, such as FileZilla, using the above FTP and login information. Once you've successfully logged in, you can drop your files into the folder.
In all cases, you’ll want to have your images as clear and as clean as possible. For any particular procedure, please consider the following: OCR and ICR: Capture images in at least 300 DPI resolution. Ideally, working in black and white will allow the objects of interest on your image to be better defined and recognized. Free the image form all noise as much as possible. As if a human was reading it, you’ll want the text objects on the image to be as legible as possible. For ICR, make sure that the characters are printed (no cursive text, etc). Barcode recognition: As with OCR and ICR, capture images in at least 300 DPI and working with black and white content can provide excellent results. You’ll also want to make sure that the bars in the barcodes are clearly defined on the image and are not mal-formed (for example, the barcodes should have the proper start and stop sequence, etc). As always, clear as much noise from the image as possible. Forms matching and registration: As with the prior 2 items above, capture your documents in at least 300 DPI. Make sure that your resolution is consistent between your form templates and incoming batch images as well. Form templates should only contain data that is common to every image that is being processed (i.e. – Form fields, the text that appears on the blank form itself, etc). The template should not have filled-in field information as this will affect the forms matching process.
There is no definitive answer to BarcodeXpress's varied performance because it must use heuristic matching methods which do not always give the same results on all barcodes. Here are some tips to solve some common cases.
  • Try image cleanup methods BarcodeXpress typically comes with ImagXpress. ImagXpress provides a suite of cleanup functions such as deskew, binarize, and line removal. Noise in an image is the most common reason of missed detection.
  • Try changing the ScanDistance Property ScanDistance is a property of the BarcodeXpress Reader. Lowering the value may assist matching by applying looser recognition techniques. However, this may introduce false-positives.
  • Isolate the barcode If your barcode can still not be recognized, try to crop out the barcode and recognize it separately
We suggest tuning your settings in one of the BarcodeXpress demo programs. If your barcode is still not recognized, please contact support.
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