Mobile Barcode SDK for iOS and Android

Barcode Xpress Mobile is a mobile barcode SDK that enables you to quickly and easily add powerful barcode detection and reading functions to any mobile app for iOS or Android. There are endless application uses for mobile barcode reading like patient medical records, consumer retail, shipment tracking, and more.

development toolkits start at: $2,800

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why do I want barcode xpress mobile?

speed and accuracy

Read over 30 types of barcodes and multiple barcodes in one image with utmost accuracy in just milliseconds. Read damaged, broken and incorrect barcodes that other engines fail to read.


In just a few lines of code, you can integrate the most accurate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your mobile apps. Simple instructions are provided in the Android Help File and iOS Help File available on the documentation page.


Complete flexibility in how you use the barcode recognition. You aren’t forced to use our user interface. Sample code including camera integration is included to get you started. Start fast, totally customize.

how can I use barcode xpress mobile?

  • Doctors can use a tablet during rounds to scan a patient’s chart or wrist band to access health records.
  • Professionals can exchange contact information from virtual business cards using QR codes.
  • Field workers can scan barcodes from forms to pull up records to review or edit.
  • Retail chains can provide apps that allow their customers to build gift registries using their smartphone in the store.
  • Building inspectors can scan a barcode on a building permit to pull up information about the building.
  • Truck drivers can use their phones to scan barcode-labeled shipping documents.