Barcode Xpress SDK for Node.js, .NET, C#, C, C++, Java, Android and iOS

Barcode Xpress SDK Demo

Regardless of whether you're creating a desktop app for Windows or a website with a Linux back-end, this demo demonstrates our barcode library's recognition capabilities.

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Barcode Xpress is available for multiple programming languages, including .NET, Java, Node.js, and C++. Supported by 25 years of experience, all of the different platform libraries are based in the same powerful underlying Accusoft-patented technology.

Over the years, our engineers’ main focus for Barcode Xpress has been to accomplish three things:

  1. Decrease processing time
  2. Increase barcode recognition accuracy
  3. Simplify the API interface

We always encourage developers to try the product and create a proof of concept before making purchasing decisions. Before that, please explore this online demo that captures the bulk of our processing capabilities.

We have customers that develop applications in a variety of industries. It really doesn’t matter if your application is intended for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mobile (iOS or Android), or web. Even a combination is possible! All of our libraries use the same underlying technology that provides the same level of quality, accuracy, and performance.

Try our web app demo to see Barcode Xpress in action.

Online Demo

Upload your own images into our barcode SDK demo to experience Barcode Xpress’ accuracy.

Try the Online Demo

Understanding Our SDK Capabilities

Keep in mind that all libraries have similar capabilities like:

  • Reading and writing over 30 barcode types
  • Recognizing barcodes at 1,000 pages per minute
  • Reading damaged, broken, and incorrect barcodes
  • Supporting 1D, 2D, postal, and patch barcodes

Please refer to the individual SDK platform that you’re considering for more detailed information: