Barcode Xpress SDK for Node.js, .NET, C#, C, C++, Java, Android and iOS

Node.js Barcode SDK

It's never been easier to add barcode recognition to your web applications.

Our Node.js barcode SDK package provides an easy way to recognize barcodes from images. It has the ability to quickly read over 30 types of 1D and 2D barcodes from anywhere in a file.

Download Our Barcode Package From NPM

Adding barcode processing to your web application is just one click away. Install our Node package available at NPM and follow the readme instructions to get started:

npm install barcode-js Try Barcode Xpress for Node.js!

An Innovative Barcode Reader SDK Package

There are many open-source, shareware, or free barcode readers available for JavaScript or Node.js, but there is only one commercial toolkit with the capabilities of Barcode Xpress.

Accusoft has been a leading imaging and barcode SDK company for over 25 years. Now, we have transitioned our technology to support Node.js.

Our barcode SDK is also extremely simple to use. You can create a web application using Node.js that reads barcodes with less than 10 lines of code.

*Find all the code you need to get started in our NPM package’s readme page.

Barcode API Highlights

  • Recognizes most barcode types including EAN, UPC, Code39, Code128, ITF, QR, DataMatrix, PDF417, and Aztec among many others. (See our complete list of supported types)
  • Uses a minimalistic and user-friendly asynchronous API.
  • Recognizes barcodes found in images produced by scanners, cameras, or fax machines.
  • Identifies an unlimited number of barcodes in one page.
  • Retrieves structured results for analysis.
  • Organizes a hierarchical model where every barcode has a value, type, confidence, and page location.
  • You should be able to create your own web app with a few lines of code. However, you can also take a quick glance at our online demo before starting to work in your own code:

    Try the Online Demo

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