The full list of features for FormFix is updated regularly as they are added and released. Please check our support area for FormFix or contact us with further questions.

form setup

Use the API for setting up fields, form templates, and form sets easily. Define OMR, text, image, and custom fields on each form. The architecture allows flexible order of operations.

form identification

This product empowers users to quickly identify one of thousands of different forms, utilize automatic identification without the need for registration or anchor marks, and limit matching to a subset of templates. Set the level of effort for form matching and the minimum acceptable confidence level for form matching. Return up to 100 alternative form matches of lower certainty with ease.

Match forms:

  • That are rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees from template image
  • Scaled from 90% to 110% of the template size
  • Scanned at 50% to 150% of the template resolution
  • Skewed up to 20 degrees
  • With user-defined templates and return confidence values

form drop out

Remove the template image at sub-second speeds. Confidence values highlight problem images. It precisely removes lines, broken lines, shading, noise, guide text and automatically repairs characters that intersect with removed lines or guide text.

  • Adjust for distortion caused by printing, copying or scanning
  • Apply “character smoothing” for increased OCR accuracy
  • Selective drop out in specified fields
  • Create image clips by cropping from source image

image cleanup

FormFix Professional includes ScanFix Xpress (full product description) for advanced color and bitonal image cleanup, including automatic binarization, deskew, despeckle, dot shading removal, line removal, character smoothing, inverse text correction, hole punch removal, and more.

FormFix Standard includes basic cleanup features of ImagXpress Standard (full product description) for bitonal image cleanup, including automatic binarization, deskew, despeckle, rotate, mirror.

OMR (optical mark recognition)

Use the OMR feature to detect the presence of marks or characters (e.g. for signature detection) for single and multiple mark recognition.

  • Set threshold for marks
  • Perform OMR at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degree orientations
  • Specify fields as grids (rows by columns) or single bubbles
  • Programmatic specification of bubble shapes
  • Recognize checked boxes
  • Unlimited number of fields
  • Set recognition parameters for each field
  • View confidence values for each OMR field

image & data transfer

The FormDirector component provides communication between FormFix, SmartZone, and ScanFix components. The product organizes and delivers descriptions and control parameters for processing forms and handles over 10,000 unique form templates.

  • For reading, revising and writing form templates and sets
  • For bitonal, grayscale and color files
  • Unicode character support
  • Customer-defined field types, and custom data attached to fields, forms, and form sets

form registration

Align a filled form to its template to within two pixels, based on image content and automatically determine anchor points on the master template form. Alignment can be adjusted within a drop out zone to compensate for form variations. Anchor marks can be used for registration and aligned image adjustments can be applied to the original image.

Register forms even when they exhibit:

  • Skew up to 20 degrees
  • Scale from 90 to 110%
  • Resolutions from 50% to 150% of the template
  • Rotation (at 90, 180, and 270 degrees)

image load, save & manipulation

FormFix Professional includes ImagXpress Professional (full product description) for image viewing, compression, conversion, thumbnail images, image processing and editing, TWAIN scanning, annotation, and printing.

FormFix Standard includes ImagXpress Standard (full product description) for basic image conversion, image processing, image viewing and TWAIN scanning.