Imaging SDK

ImagXpress is a collection of image processing libraries that add image processing to your Windows applications. With functions like image editing, conversion, compression, and color adjustment, along with easy-to-implement code and comprehensive code examples, adding image processing and manipulation to your Windows application is easy using this imaging SDK.

why should you use the ImagXpress imaging sdk?

dozens of image processing functions

ImagXpress has over 80 functions for image processing and editing, including TWAIN and ISIS supported image capturing, document image processing and cleanup, image and document viewing, annotation and printing.

easy integration

Integrating and using the image processing libraries within your application is easy. For example, you can add an image file viewer with thumbnail and annotation support in less than 50 lines of code. Full documentation and sample code are included for this imaging SDK.

optimized for performance

Experience Accusoft’s patented speed optimization for processing, manipulating, compressing and saving large numbers of scanned and uploaded images. Users can process and compress images in real-time while minimizing CPU use.