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ImageGear .NET easily integrates enterprise-class file viewing, annotation, conversion, and image processing functions to any application.

Improve image and document processing with ImageGear .NET.

Our library supports more than 100 formats including images, DICOM, PDF, Microsoft Office files, and more. You can easily integrate a large number of complex imaging operations into C# or VB.NET applications and use our expanded functionality such as optical character recognition (OCR), barcode recognition, scanning, and support for medical DICOM images.

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ImageGear .NET Highlights

Image Processing Algorithms

All the image processing functions you could ever need, all in one image processing library. Effortlessly control and distribute the exact functionality your .NET application needs. Source code samples and documentation snippets are available in both C# and VB.NET for your convenience to help you integrate complex imaging operations into your software.

Compress and Optimize

Use our image processing library to compress and decompress images using with the best compression techniques in the industry including lossy, lossless, and progressive JPEG, JPEG 2000, CCITT, CCITT G3, CCITT G4, LZW, RLE, RAW, Packbits, and many others.

Image Viewers and Display (HTML5 Viewer)

Create a true zero footprint file viewer capable of handling over 100 file formats including PDF, Word, Medical DICOM, just to mention a few. Our easy-to-use controls allow .NET developers to create web-based and mobile applications for document and image viewing, management, and processing using ImageGear’s ASP.NET HTML5 functionality.

Supports PDF, Vector, Microsoft Office, and Images

View, convert, and edit more than 100 image file types including TIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, PDF, Microsoft Office (MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), CAD, DICOM, HD Photo, Camera RAW, and many more document and image formats.

Image Capture, Scanning, and OCR

Add document scanning, printing, and processing directly into your application. Also, use our embedded OCR processing capabilities to extract text from images and export to text and PDF. Our .NET imaging library offers a comprehensive OCR component that includes support for Western and Asian languages. It can also fully integrate with any pre-processing cleanup technique available in ImageGear.

Technical Support

Take advantage of Accusoft’s world class technical support team. Our engineers can answer technical questions and help you integrate state-of-the-art imaging algorithms into your .NET (C# or VB.NET) applications. You don’t have to be an image processing expert to use the best imaging algorithms in the industry.

ImageGear .NET Development Environments

See Developer Resources for details.

case study

Greenway Health

Greenway Health’s Medical Manager product was one of the first practice management systems to go online. At the time, however, insurance claims were still paper-based. Anticipating the shift to electronic information management, Greenway wanted to build a document and imaging solution into Medical Manager (and later into its Intergy product) that could support a variety of file types and standards without placing any limitations on its client practices. That’s when they discovered ImageGear.

One of ImageGear's biggest strengths is that it can support just about any sort of document out there. That was obviously one of the major drivers, and the fact that not only could it handle most document types, it could also handle diagnostic images.

Todd Treiber
VP of Product Development, Greenway Health
Employee Thumbnail
David Hilsabeck Senior Software Engineer I

David Hilsabeck started with TMS, Inc. in 1989 after receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Cameron University and spending two years in the defense industry. Within TMS, David worked on the company’s text retrieval and imaging products, such as Prizm Viewer. In 2004, TMS was acquired by Pegasus Imaging, and the two company’s product lines were merged. Since that time and through the transition from Pegasus Imaging to Accusoft, David has worked with and contributed to Accusoft’s imaging SDK product line. Outside work, David enjoys building large pyrotechnic devices, and is an active member of the Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild.

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ImageGear .NET Features

The full list of features for ImageGear .NET is updated regularly as they are added and released.

The ImageGear document and imaging library includes a wide variety of features to help you build your application quickly. You can find the entire document imaging lifecycle, from scanning and document creation through printing, viewing, and archiving, in the ImageGear library’s feature set.

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PDF Compression Demo

Enhance your application with PDF compression. The ImageGear .NET SDK allows a developer to compress original PDF files up to 45 percent, saving valuable space. Our SDK analyzes the elements to apply optimal compression operations.

What’s New in ImageGear .NET v25.1

  • Split installation packages into separate versions for x86 and x64 to reduce the size of the download.
  • Added a FontAttribute property to the ImGearOCRLetter class, which provides style information about the recognized character.
  • Added CapitalLetterHeight and FontSize attributes to the ImGearOCRLetter class to provide more detailed information about text size and positioning.
  • The ImGearOCRPage.CreatePDFPage method now attempts to reproduce monospace, sans serif, italic, and bold text when those properties are detected on the input image.
  • When using ImGearOCRDirectTextFormat.XmlWithCoordinates, the ImGearOCR.WriteDirectText method now includes boolean “italic” and/or “bold” attributes on word elements detected as being italic or bold, as well as “fontSize” and “baseLine” attributes for each word.

ImageGear .NET Development Environments

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8.1, 10; Windows Server 2012 (and R2), 2016, and 2019
  • Visual Studio 2015, 2017, and 2019 
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or later (some components require higher versions – see the help for details
  • Samples for C# and VB.NET
  • NuGet packages available (Accusoft.ImageGear.All)
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