Technical FAQs for "ImagXpress"


In ImagXpress Professional ActiveX, I’m trying to place a fairly large amount of data into the TIFF tags of a multi-page TIFF image, and after processing several pages, ImagXpress throws a -1061 error from the FileSetTags method. What is the cause of this problem?


If you are using a version of ImagXpress earlier than 13.6.07, this can be caused by a known defect in the product, in which ImagXpress adds excessive amounts of padding to the file during the process of adding tags. This is normally not a problem, but with large files and large amounts of TIFF data, it can break.

The issue was resolved by the 13.6.07 hotfix for ImagXpress. This fix is also included in ImagXpress 13.7 or later – upgrading to that version will resolve your issue.


If you have a copy of ImagXpress, there are cases where calling certain functions will trigger the following message:

"This function is available in another edition of ImagXpress v13.00

What could cause this error?


This error can occur if ImagXpress Standard Edition is licensed on a system, but you’re trying to call operations that are only available in ImagXpress Professional Edition. So, you will need to ensure you’re using the proper license.

This documentation page specifies the functions that are supported for each edition.

This can also occur if you own both Barcode Xpress and ImagXpress Professional. Barcode Xpress includes ImagXpress Standard Edition, so if you install the ImagXpress Professional license first, and then install Barcode Xpress, the included Standard license will overwrite the Professional license. The resolution in this case is to re-install the ImagXpress license to overwrite Standard with Professional.