PDF Xpress - PDF library for .NET / C# developers

Product features are regularly updated as they are added and released. Check our FAQs or contact us with further questions about PDF Xpress.

create and edit PDF and PDF/A

Generate new PDF files from text and images and edit existing PDFs. Create PDF/A-1b archive files. Add images from numerous image formats.

  • TIFF
  • JBIG2
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • JPEG 2000
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • RAW

break out & manipulate pages

PDF Xpress empowers applications to break open the PDF page structure so you can add, delete, rotate and rearrange.

  • Extract specific pages
  • Easily add, move and delete pages or groups of pages
  • Rotate pages
  • Create a new PDF from extracted pages
  • Insert and re-order pages
  • Merge or split PDF files

read, edit & add security settings

Read/access security settings of a document including permissions, encryption method, user and owner passwords. Edit or remove security settings from a secure document, or add security settings to a non-secure document.

Permissions Include:

  • Modifying the document
  • Adding or modifying text annotations
  • Copying or extracting text and graphics from the document
  • Assembling the document by inserting, rotating, or deleting pages and creating bookmarks or thumbnail images
  • Filling in interactive form fields, like signature fields
  • Printing the document

Encryption Methods include:

  • 40-bit RC4, Acrobat 3 and later
  • 128-bit RC4, Acrobat 5 and later
  • 128-bit RC4, Acrobat 6 and later
  • 128-bit AES, Acrobat 7 and later
  • 256-bit AES, Acrobat 9 and later

take control of rendering

PDF Xpress gives your applications control of the PDF rendering process to optimize viewing, printing and conversion.

This toolkit enables rendering:

  • To Bitmap, DIB, EPS, RAW, or Device Context
  • PDF annotations
  • Large pages to higher resolution for detailed viewing
  • Copy-protected PDFs that block content copying

extract text & images from PDFs

PDF Xpress makes easy work of extracting any and all image files from an existing PDF for other uses. Access the uncompressed image data and easily pass it to other Accusoft components. Search for and highlight text within a PDF document.

optimize for size and speed

Applications built with PDF Xpress can make PDF files dramatically smaller, for fast display and efficient archival. Compress an existing PDF document by as much as 96% and easily control compression settings to balance file size and quality. Apply PDF linearization, which dramatically speeds up PDF display on the web.

manage bookmarks

Use PDF Xpress to work with a PDF file’s internal navigation bookmarks. Empower the ability to read, create, edit, delete, and move internal PDF navigation bookmarks in the table of contents.

manage metadata

Read, add, edit, and delete document metadata, including:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Creator
  • Producer
  • Keywords
  • Read creation and modification dates

give users markup control

Crack open PDF annotations to read, add, edit, import and export all types of PDF markings, including text and shapes.

  • Read, display, add, edit, and delete PDF annotations
  • Includes comment, highlight, text, arrow, line, and various shape annotations
  • Import and export PDF annotations to XFDF (XML format)
  • Import and export to NotateXpress format

control PDF properties

What’s the PDF version a file is saved in? Is it linearized for fast web view? Empower your application to find out.

  • Determine the PDF version of a document
  • Determine if a document is linearized for efficient access in a network environment

make a portfolio

From attachments, PDF Xpress can build and show a PDF portfolio that combines documents in multiple file types.

  • Build a portfolio PDF viewer by opening attachment data contained in a PDF
  • Add and remove PDF attachments
  • Determine if a PDF document has attachments

suit yourself, with two editions

With both a Reader and a Professional edition available, you can match your PDF Xpress selection to your needs.

pdf xpress reader
  • Open PDF documents
  • Render pages for viewing, including annotations and bookmarks
  • Extract content from PDFs
pdf xpress professional
  • All PDF Xpress Reader features
  • Create PDF and PDF/A documents
  • Modify PDF content, bookmarks, annotations, metadata, watermarks, etc.
  • Compression

do more, with ImagXpress

Enjoy an expanded selection of functions for viewing and editing, in PDF Xpress’s companion product, ImagXpress. Use ImagXpress to display pages rendered by PDF Xpress and for image conversion, compression, resizing, reorientation and many more functions.

  • ImagXpress Standard includes thumbnail creation and TWAIN scanning
  • ImagXpress Professional adds annotation and printing
  • ImagXpress supports all common image formats