Technical specifications provide developers with information on framework options, compatible programming environments, sample code, and current builds available.

what's new

  • Support for scalable vector graphics (SVG)
  • Support for Firefox 41 (older versions are likely compatible) and Internet Explorer 11
  • Cross-product annotation support/sharing available with ImagXpress
  • Keyboard shortcut enhancements
  • Large image support updates
  • File association updates

system requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 (32 bit only), and Firefox 41 (32 bit only; older versions are likely compatible)

virtual multi-page document "Image List Files"

Web sites can share “virtual documents” made from collections of individual images. These Image List Files can include different file types, yet are viewed just like multi-page images. Prizm ActiveX Viewer uses an XML format supporting features such as the specification of a table of contents, page numbering for printing, exporting, pages to view, and other data elements. Prizm ActiveX Viewer displays tables of contents for Image List Files, multi-page PDFs or TIFF documents in a dockable window, and the user can navigate to any entry in the TOC just by clicking on it.

  • Create Image List Files on your Web site combining individual image files (even of different file types) to present them as multi-page images
  • Users can batch print Image List Files without viewing each document
  • List files can limit display to specified pages from each source document
  • Deliver all the convenience of multi-page documents without the bandwidth requirements of downloading large multi-page TIFF or PDF files
  • List file instructions (including table of contents, page numbering, image display attributes, and user interface configuration) are stored in XML, the data format used by most current databases and data processing systems
  • The complete List file schema is included in the Prizm Administrator Tools download.

customizing your installation

  • A configuration application is provided that allows administrators to pre-configure installations and the available user features and virtually all default user settings and preferences. This application generates a configuration file that is used by the Prizm ActiveX Viewer installation program when installed on end-user computers.
  • The Prizm ActiveX Viewer Help file (CHM format) can be replaced with a custom Help file targeted for your specific user base.
  • Prizm ActiveX Viewer may be installed in a variety of ways. A downloadable installation program is provided for individual installation. Network Administrators may “push” the software to end user desktops. A new automatic “install from the web” (CAB file) option is also available. Silent installations can easily be created so that no user interaction is required.
  • A fully functional trial license allows for complete product testing, limited only by an occasional nag screen and image watermarking.
  • Licensing may be purchased for individual client deployments, Web server deployments, and server deployments (i.e. Terminal Services or any virtualization solution.) Contact for pricing.

deployment options

  • Push distribution for remote installation using MSI file and SMS technology
  • Silent installation available for enterprise settings
  • Completely customizable for your organization
  • May be licensed for use only on your Web site
  • Edition without PDF support offers faster download and installation option
  • Configuration application allows extensive pre-configuration by administrators

scripting API

Prizm ActiveX Viewer provides a powerful scriptable API exposing numerous objects, methods, and properties. The Prizm ActiveX Viewer object can receive instructions, make requests for status, receive notification of events, and intereact with other browser components. Toolbar and menu functions can be executed through external commands. New buttons can be added to the original toolbar to initiate scripted events. Both initial and current image properties can be set and retrieved through the API, allowing complete control over the user experience.

Individual toolbars for image viewing, manipulation, annotation and information display, thumbnails, and table of contents can be arranged or hidden for the user, using the scripting API. A logging capability may be used to record any error conditions and related information to an external log file on the user’s computer. This can be used in fine-tuning or for debugging purposes.

Prizm Annotation Server

Collaborate on document images using the Prizm Annotation Server to store annotations

  • Annotate multiple types of documents (i.e. PDF, JPEG, CAD and TIFF) within the same annotation set and user interface
  • Control permissions to view, edit, print, and delete annotations
  • Store and display Unicode text (Asian, Arabic, etc.)
  • Prizm Annotation Server licensing provides an annotation storage and retrieval communications gateway for back end document management and database-driven systems. Contact sales@accusoft.comfor pricing.
  • Annotations are saved in XML format to be easily interpreted by other systems.
  • Note that when exporting documents, users can choose whether their annotations are “burned onto” the new image file, saved as an associated external annotation file, embedded in Wang or legacy NotateXpress format (for TIFF files), or included in PDF files as native PDF annotations.

controlled PDF delivery

With the PDF edition, a single user interface can be used to deliver all of the sophisiticated viewing, annotation, and printing features of Prizm ActiveX Viewer, whether your users are viewing PDF, TIFF, or other documents. You can maintain the integrity of your original PDF files, and exercise greater control over how they are viewed and edited, by using external Prizm annotations instead of native PDF comments.

  • Uses Adobe’s PDF technology for reliable single- and multi-page PDF support
  • Open, view, annotate, and print PDF files
  • Most common PDF annotations are supported
  • A custom PDF MIME type is provided to direct PDF files to Prizm XV without conflicting with other viewers or requiring an image list file
  • Use the same annotation for both TIFF and PDF images
  • Choose how annotations in PDF files are handled (burn them into the image, ignore them, save as embedded images, or save as separate annotation files)

managing user permissions and preferences

Network Administrators can customize (and lock down) the appearance of the user interface by controlling numerous features, including control of the selection and order of commands that appear on end-users’ toolbar buttons and their associated menu items. Viewing options can be set for individual images by using the image list file, object/embed parameters, and the scripting API.

  • Configure and save preferences according to user needs. Defaults can be initially set during installation, or defined on-the-fly with live web content, at the user level.
  • Control file associations (MIME types) and specify custom file associations where Prizm ActiveX Viewer should be the default viewer
  • Administrators can set the initial defaults, and allow users to choose which types of files can be associated to be opened in the browser with Prizm ActiveX Viewer
  • Different file associations can be selected for local images and for Web-based images
  • Control annotation sources, show or hide annotations, control edit permissions, and more
  • Configure default annotation settings – colors, border width and color, fill style, stamp text, fonts, etc.
  • Set flying magnifier size and magnification factors
  • Apply default display settings to bitonal, color, PDF, and CAD images independently
  • Apply initial style of display – (full image, full width, actual size) for bitonal, color, PDF, and CAD images independently
  • Set mouse button default action (image sizing and selection tools, or specific annotation)
  • Customize toolbars including omitting or including whole toolbars or individual buttons and define toolbar spacing
  • Use embed tags, object tags, parameters and image list file options to configure Prizm ActiveX Viewer features and control allowed operations for different user groups on the fly
  • One version of the Prizm ActiveX Viewer can serve different departments with differing web-based viewing needs
  • Customize display of docking windows
  • Initial image display settings

current build for Prizm ActiveX Viewer

Prizm ActiveX Viewer 10.3