100+ File Types for 100+ Needs

The HTML5 viewer of choice for developers, integrators, and system administrators.

Integrate a versatile HTML5 document viewer into your application.

PrizmDoc Viewer can be supported on any platform in any programming language that supports REST API calls. The HTML5 viewer supports a myriad of document and image types so you can provide users with a seamless viewing experience from the comfort of their browser window.

Supported File Formats

PrizmDoc Viewer supports over 100 different file types. Some of the most common include PDF, DOCX, HTML, EML, TIFF, and JPEG. The HTML5 viewer also supports CAD files, web pages, emails, text, medical images, and more.

PrizmDoc Viewer detects most formats automatically, except formats with poor signature or no signature at all. Such formats are detected by the file extension instead.

PrizmDoc Viewer Supported File Formats

Document Formats
FormatFile ExtensionAuto Detection
Adobe Portable Document format*.pdfYes
Microsoft Word format*.doc, *.dotYes
Microsoft Word Open XML format*.docx, *.docm, *.dotx, *.dotmYes
Rich Text format*.rtfYes
Microsoft Excel format*.xls, *.xltYes
Microsoft Excel Open XML format*.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltx, *.xltmYes
Microsoft PowerPoint format*.ppt, *.pot, *.ppsYes
Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML format*.pptx, *.pptm, *.potx, *.potm, *.ppsx, *.ppsmYes
OpenDocument Text format*.odt, *.ott, *.fodtYes
OpenDocument Spreadsheet format*.ods, *.ots, *.fodsYes
OpenDocument Presentation format*.odp, *.otp, *.fodpYes
OpenDocument Math Formula format*.odfYes
OpenDocument Drawing format*.odg, *.otg, *.fodgYes

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CAD Formats
FormatFile ExtensionAuto Detection
AutoDesk AutoCAD format (version 2.5 through 2014)*.dwg, *.dxfYes
AutoDesk Design Web format*.dwfYes
MicroStation Drawing format (V7 and V8)*.dgnYes

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Web Formats
FormatFile ExtensionAuto Detection
HyperText Markup Language format*.html, *.htmYes
Extensible HyperText Markup Language format*.xhtml, *.xhtmYes

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Email Formats
FormatFile ExtensionAuto Detection
Microsoft Outlook format*.msgYes
Outlook Express Email format*.emlNo

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Text Formats
FormatFile ExtensionAuto Detection
Text format*.txtNo
Comma-Separated Values format*.csvNo

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Medical Image Formats
FormatCompressionFile ExtensionAuto Detection
Digital Imaging & Communication in Medicine formatUncompressed, JPEG, RLE*.dcm, *.dicom, *.dcim, *.dicmYes

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Image Formats
FormatCompressionFile ExtensionAuto Detection
Tagged Image File FormatUncompressed, PackBits, Huffman, CCITT G3, CCITT G4, CCITT G32D, JPEG, Deflate, LZW*.tif, *.tiffYes
JPEG File Interchange FormatJPEG*.jpg, *.jpegYes
JPEG 2000 File Format and Code StreamJPEG 2000*.jp2, *.jpcYes
Graphics Interchange FormatLZW*.gifYes
Portable Network Graphics formatDeflate*.pngYes
Adobe Photoshop formatUncompressed, Deflate, RLE*.psd, *.psbYes
Microsoft Windows Bitmap formatUncompressed, RLE*.bmp, *.dibYes
Macintosh Metafile formatUncompressed, RLE, JPEG*.pct, *.pic, *.pictYes
Windows Metafile format (Windows only)Uncompressed, RLE*.wmfYes
Enhanced Metafile format (Windows only)Uncompressed, RLE*.emfYes
ZSoft Paintbrush PCX formatUncompressed, RLE*.pcxYes
ZSoft Paintbrush DCX formatUncompressed, RLE*.dcxYes
Sun Raster Data formatUncompressed, RLE*.rasYes
Kodak Photo CD formatUncompressed, Huffman*.pcdYes
Truevision Targa formatUncompressed, RLE*.tga, *.tpicYes
Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support formatCCITT G4*.cal, *.calsYes
Icon Resource formatUncompressed, RLE*.icoYes
Windows Cursor formatUncompressed, RLE*.curYes
NCR Image formatUncompressed, CCITT G4*.ncrYes
X Window Dump formatUncompressed*.xwdYes
Silicon Graphics Image formatUncompressed, RLE*.sgiYes
Wireless Bitmap formatUncompressed*.wbmpYes
Scitex Color Tone formatUncompressed*.sctYes
WordPerfect Graphics Metafile formatRLE*.wpgYes
X Bitmap formatUncompressed*.xbmYes
Portable Bitmap formatUncompressed*.pbmYes
Portable Graymap formatUncompressed*.pgmYes
Portable Pixmap formatUncompressed*.ppmYes
Xerox 9700 Graphic formatUncompressed*.imgYes
Dr. Halo formatRLE*.cutNo

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