PrizmDoc Viewing Benefits

Resource Savings with PrizmDoc Hybrid Viewer

Improved Collaboration

Review and provide feedback on any file using a single, common interface.

Document Accessibility with PrizmDoc

Document Accessibility

Improve document access & offload the heavy lifting of text searches to ensure browsers aren’t overloaded.

Enhanced Security with PrizmDoc

Enhanced Security

View and comment on sensitive files within a secure application environment.

Quality Rendering

Quality Rendering

Display dozens of file types with high fidelity & speed without needing to download additional software.



Ensure compliance of critical documentation with key security controls.

Better Customization with PrizmDoc

Better Customization

Customize the stock UI as well as modify menu and toolbar items to appear as part of your application.

Why Choose PrizmDoc Document Viewing?

Accusoft’s PrizmDoc Viewer offers industry-leading functionality, making it the viewer of choice for developers, integrators, and system administrators looking to enhance document viewing, collaboration, and security. 

PrizmDoc Viewer uses a collection of REST APIs that support more than 100 file types. It also includes built-in support for conversion, annotation, redaction, advanced search, and large document server-side search. 

  • Support for multiple software platforms and browsers to ensure consistent viewing across enterprise environments — users can view documents how, where, and when they want without compromising form or function.
  • Reduced need for other viewing applications and software licenses.
  • Ability to view a wide variety of file format types used by healthcare, legal, manufacturing, government, and financial firms.

Upgrade Your Application’s Potential with Accusoft

Product Owners

Backed by 30 years of software development experience, and over 40 patents, Accusoft can help you save development time and get to market faster!


With robust APIs and SDK’s, and best-in-class support, Accusoft can help you securely embed document & image processing technology in your web applications and system solutions.