Shrink photos on your Android or iOS device by up to 60% or more without compromising quality, using this image compressor app.

Try it for yourself.


Shrink, share, save.

Cram makes your files 60% smaller and stores the compressed images in a special folder within your gallery on your device. 

When your JPEG photo files are smaller, you can:

  • Attach more to an email without getting blocked by size limits.
  • Store 3x the photos using less space.  
  • Drop them on your site or blog without slowing download times.
  • Share them to your social media without ruining the quality.

Available for:

Cram download at Google Play     Cram on the Apple App Store

Cram Features

Share on Social Media Directly from the App 

Compressed images are stored in a special folder within your gallery on your device. 

Stay Within Your Monthly Data Plan

If you use Cram to compress pictures, the images you send will be a smaller size and help you stay within your monthly allowance for data. Depending on your plan, you may even save on overage fees if you happen to send more data than allowed.

Include More Images in Your Emails

Email providers set limits on the amount of data you can send per email message. So if your provider has set a 5MB attachment limit, you may be able to Cram 15MB of images into one email. Cram empowers you to send more of your pictures at once than ever before.

Cram: Store 3x the photos!