edocr is a free digital publishing platform that allows businesses to share content, enhance SEO, and generate leads. Try it for yourself.

Document Sharing Marketplace

Whether you’re a small business, an artist, a blogger, or a politician, getting the word out about your initiatives can be tough. From market reports and life hacks to maintenance manuals and menus, edocr is the document solution center to help build your brand and business. edocr allows you to publish and share your content, embed a document viewer on your website, improve your content’s search engine optimization, generate leads with gated content, and earn money by selling your documents.

edocr Features

Build your brand and your business.

  • Share content with a brand new audience.
  • Embed a document viewer on your website.
  • Enhance your content’s search engine optimization.
  • Generate leads with gated content.
  • Earn money by selling your documents.

One of the most powerful things you can do with your documents shared on edocr is embed them on a web page or within a blog post.

All it takes is the snippet of code that we provide directly from our view page. Store the document on edocr, then place the edocr viewer (powered by Accusoft Services) on your site in seconds. Our mobile­ responsive viewer provides a more seamless experience with your content regardless of device it is being viewed on.

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