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30 products in 30 days

Accusoft has been on a mission to rebrand our website to provide a better, more pleasant user experience.

When we started this journey, our strategy was to update one product at a time over a long period of time. That plan flat-out didn’t work.

So instead, we’re now on a 30-day blitz of delivering 30 new product pages (we might be rounding up a bit) in order to deliver a pretty great new site this spring.

Under Construction

One of the most annoying things companies do during this process is put up a screen with orange cones that says, “Under Construction”. During our working period, we’re leaving you with our fully functional site minus a couple of the usual suspects.

You may have already noticed, if you follow the blog, that Ned and I haven’t been as active as usual. That’s because we’re very busy updating content and doing our very best to keep the rest of the marketing crew in line.

The New Site

While we don’t want to take much away from the big reveal of our new site, there are a couple things you can expect. There is a new color scheme, a beautiful new logo and more effective navigation. Our goal is to provide existing and potential customers, and anyone else perusing our site, with a way to easily find the answers they need, whether that comes down to buying a product or reading an FAQ.

We have a tremendous trove of resources and information available on our site that will continue to be available during and after the transition. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the resources on our site – or you just feel like having a chat – feel free to contact us.