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AccuCast – The Podcast for Developers, by Developers – Streaming Now

Let’s say you’re an app developer in line at the coffee shop or driving into the office. Or maybe you just need a break from coding, but want to remain in a dev state of mind. For any circumstance where your body is occupied but your brain is hungry for input, there’s AccuCast.

What is AccuCast?

AccuCast is an interesting, entertaining, and compelling new podcast created by developers, for developers. Join our hosts, Alexandra Debish, Natalie Toretti, and Landon Lamb as they discuss a broad spectrum of topics like coding tips and tricks, team development, product integration, development challenges, and more. 

Natalie, Alexandra, and Landon are not only intelligent software engineers, they also have the kind of quirky perspective on the industry which can only come from years of experience. This talented trio has been on our OnTask workflow automation team for a few years now. Like you, they know what it’s like to see app development cycles through from beginning to end. They’ve seen it all, have a passion for excellent code, and are happy to share their experiences. 

More Reasons to Listen

Whether you’re an aspiring developer, a veteran coder, or somewhere in between, you’ll find compelling discussions on AccuCast. There will be discussions on topics like:

  • Lessons learned from the Accusoft and OnTask trenches
  • How developers can work better with Project Manager and UI
  • Our scrum process and why it works for us
  • Strategies for building high-achieving development teams

Each episode is written to be a spontaneously fun, informative 20 minute window of dev talk. We’re encouraging listeners to send questions and feedback to our team about the topics we feature in our program, and content they’d like to hear about on our podcast.

For the Dev Community

We’re really focused on making the AccuCast a fun, interesting way for developers to learn about the trends which are shaping the developer profession. Accusoft’s development and product managers will join our hosts on a regular basis to discuss all of our product tips and tricks and share their own perspective on the industry. 

While we will have discussions on the development of Accusoft products and how our APIs and SDKs are extending applications in industries like legal, healthcare, financial services, government and beyond, our priority is focusing on what’s new in the industry and our unique perspective on the state of the times. 

If you’re looking for innovative approaches to software development in general, discussed by an irreverent group of developers who love what they do, AccuCast is that podcast.

Our customers, partners, and regular readers of our blog will know how passionate our team is about producing content which educates and informs. Subscribe, stream, and/or download the latest AccuCast episodes from your preferred podcast platform today. You’ll be glad you did.