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Accusoft and Brother: Digital Transformation


Accusoft recently initiated a strategic partnership with Brother International Corporation to help businesses in their digital transformation journey with OnTask’s workflow automation. Both companies are leaders in their sector: Accusoft offers a robust set of solutions for content processing, conversion, and automation, and Brother specializes in printing, scanning, and document management.

Working in tandem, clients can utilize Accusoft’s OnTask workflow platform with select Brother devices to integrate more agile workflows into their business processes. It’s never been easier to streamline document workflows and help increase collaboration whether your process starts with paper or digital files.


What the Integration Means for You

The workplace of tomorrow demands devices and solutions that support collaboration, productivity, security, and mobility. With this new strategic partnership, workflow automation is simple, especially for small-to-mid-sized companies who are at the beginning of their transformation.

OnTask and Brother help organizations streamline processes for long-term success. How does it work? Simply use a compatible Brother device to scan your documents directly into a workflow you created in OnTask.

It’s simple. Once you designate a workflow for electronic signature, approval, or commenting, you’ll simply select the person who will initiate the process and scan your hard copy into the digital workflow. The benefits are endless. What can you expect?

    • Shorter Turnaround Times
      Use workflow automation to streamline document processes digitally.

    • Remote Collaboration
      Create a more productive work environment with mobile-friendly tools.

    • Cost Savings
      Paper costs more than you realize. Why spend more when you can save by going digital?

  • Better Visibility
    Track all of your documents online and know where they are in the process.

Don’t waste time signing contracts in person. Get quick and easy approval with digital document management workflows. OnTask can be used for digital collaboration as well. Need approval on a project you’re working on? Maybe you need to pass it on to the next team for next steps. Whatever the situation, content processing is made easy with OnTask’s workflow automation. With OnTask and Brother, you can automate your workflows for signature approval, comments, and review.


Digital Transformation at Any Stage

On its own, OnTask is a cloud-based document automation platform that allows organizations to save time and decrease security risks associated with paper-based document processes. When Brother joined forces with OnTask, it enabled customers to create, execute, and participate in document workflows directly from select Brother multifunctional devices and scanners via desktop or mobile device.

OnTask’s Software-as-a-Service model makes it simple and affordable for small to mid-sized companies to get up and running within days instead of months. Similarly, enterprise companies can scale and standardize their document processes across departments and seamlessly integrate with existing core systems.

“Our intention is to meet organizations wherever they are on their journey to digital transformation,” said Steve Wilson, VP of Product at Accusoft. “We want companies to realize the benefits of document automation now, without needing to become completely paperless first. The ability to scan a document into a workflow gives you just that. This integration essentially helps organizations automate most manual paper-based processes.”

Streamline the way your team generates, reviews, and tracks documents with OnTask and Brother.