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How Accusoft Helped Mediarails Stay on Track

Businesses today are under constant pressure to stay innovative and provide immediate and constant improvements to their clients to stay competitive. In today’s post, we take an in-depth look at one of our clients, Mediarails, and how they were able to address the specific needs of their customers while saving on development time and cost.

accusoft helps mediarails



Mediarails faced a problem that is becoming more common in business today: Customization. With a niche market and customer demands for specific output, Mediarails didn’t have the staff, time, or money to devote to developing their own custom software.

Their hundreds of customers upload ad creative files and contracts on a daily basis, and need an easy way to view and share documents and approve contracts while building campaigns. They also need their documents to be secure, so user permissions and file access control are a must.

The system Mediarails had in place wasn’t working; emailing documents for signatures and saving revisions back into the marketing ops platform was cumbersome, inefficient, and causing users to lose all existing document revision history. Looking for a solution that would satisfy their customers’ needs, as well as meet their own back-end requirements, Mediarails ultimately chose Accusoft and PrizmDoc.


Why Accusoft?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a software provider. Security, versatility, support, and features can vary widely between companies, so doing your due diligence is important. Mediarails VP of Data, Chris Farah, struggled to find a solution that fit the needs of his company. “We looked at a variety of alternatives—from using Dropbox widgets to using open source point solutions—but could not find something that delivered the full solutions.” So why did he end up selecting Accusoft? “We started working with Accusoft because of the preview capabilities and we finally were able to get a full document workflow solution that we could easily embed in our app.” Accusoft was able to do what a lot of companies can’t: Provide a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of Mediarails and their clients.



Knowing they needed a better way to view and share documents, Mediarails chose the PrizmDoc along with a File Manager add-on to help their clients easily organize and collaborate on documents. The viewer allows users to annotate, comment, sign, and share documents, while the file manager keeps them all organized and provides a quick image preview to save time. Along with the easy-to-use customer-facing features, PrizmDoc is equally impressive on the back-end, providing user permissions on the document and folder level.



With a product that can be up and running with just a few lines of code, the most immediate impact of the PrizmDoc was in time savings. Ciccotosto estimates that he saved 1-2 months of development time and costs by using PrizmDoc. His clients are seeing the benefits as well, drastically reducing the time it takes to share files and move them through the approval process.

PrizmDoc and File Manager were the perfect fit for Mediarails and their clients, but every business has different needs. Learn more more about our features and how they can help enhance your document management solution. Sign up for a free account to try it for yourself.