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Accusoft Implements New Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives in Conjunction with Core Values

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As one of Accusoft’s core initiatives, diversity and inclusion has always been top-of-mind for our leadership and our teams. With recent events, it is crucial for us to reflect as an organization and as human beings on what we can do to better serve our community and provide a safe space for our employees to share ideas.

In response to the heightened awareness of non-inclusive behavior throughout societal structures and communities, it is our responsibility to continuously promote an inclusive community and to celebrate diversity within our organization.

As an ongoing initiative to incorporate more of our core values into our everyday work routines, several diversity and inclusion initiatives have been implemented to help our teams grow and learn from each other. Some of the most recent initiatives include an activism Slack channel, a monthly discussion on educational resources, celebration of Juneteenth, and more. 

“I believe that every one of us has some work to do when it comes to changing the societal norms,” states Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft. “At Accusoft, we are committed to being an active ally in that change and consistently making our work environment an inclusive place, where diversity is celebrated.”

A Celebration of Juneteenth

In celebration of Juneteenth, Accusoft hosted an information session to provide insight into the reason for the holiday, traditions, and local or virtual events in the area. It was an opportunity for employees to come together to learn, ask questions, and understand each other. 

The meeting was hosted by an Accusoft team member who put together a presentation to share the history of the day and how it can be more widely acknowledged in our society. During the discussion, several team members took part in the Q&A session, providing information and resources about related topics, asking questions, and sharing thoughts about current events. 

“Most of us still have a lot to learn so it’s important for us to create a safe space for our employees to share their thoughts and feelings – even on difficult topics. As leaders, we are committed to lead by example and be vulnerable and open in this dialogue,” says Megan Brooks, V.P. of Marketing. “As an organization, we are committed to improving the diversity and inclusion of Accusoft’s team members and continuing to grow in our approach to this core value.”

Activism Slack Channel

One of the many great initiatives that Accusoft has implemented is an activism Slack channel for any employees who want to share news, resources, and events happening in the community. The channel is booming with new ideas, providing a safe way for employees to communicate about current events and share thoughts on how these situations impact them on a professional and personal level.

“The activism channel was created to give people a place to freely express their views, learn from one another, and figure out ways to help our community,” says Christine Hairelson, Sr. Director of Human Resources. “We were hearing that people wanted to get involved, but didn’t know how to help. This channel provides a platform for us to discuss, share, and learn about ways we can take action at home, in our workplace, and throughout our community.”

Educational Resources & Discussions

In addition to the Juneteenth meeting and the activism Slack channel, Accusoft is raising awareness around diversity and inclusivity by providing a safe community for resource sharing including books, podcasts, movies, music, and more. Once a month, the community meets to discuss these resources.
“When we first started planning these meetings, we wanted to choose a resource that would help us talk through some of the difficult topics that we are facing as a society,” shares Tracy Schlabach, Sr. Manager, Product & Customer Marketing. “The book, Blind Spot, was chosen to be the first resource we share together because it explores our innate biases with an Implicit Association Test. In our first meeting, we discussed the test and our results. We explored how we each felt about those things and are working to be more aware of what we encounter on a day-to-day basis. It’s really eye-opening.”

Reaching a Base of Diverse Applicants

While Accusoft has always valued diversity, there is room for improvement in scoping out a wider talent pool. Accusoft is reviewing its resources for talent sourcing and exploring new ways to bring in a more diverse talent base. Whether those initiatives mean getting involved with universities to inspire and motivate women to pursue careers in technology, or widening our reach to offer more flexibility when it comes to working remotely in different parts of the country, Accusoft is currently reviewing its options for increasing diversity on its teams. 

“Accusoft has always prioritized diversity and inclusion in its hiring processes. With recent events, we wanted to explore what we could do better to expand our pool of diverse applicants and identify diverse panelists for interviews, says Khristina Jones, Corporate Recruiter at Accusoft. “We want to make sure that our culture is not only inclusive, but representative of our core values and beliefs.”

At Accusoft, we value diversity and inclusion as one of our core values. We are consistently working to improve our policies, procedures, and involvement in our community as we evolve. We remain committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and standing alongside them as we all advocate for a better future.