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Accusoft, Now Powered by Solar Energy


Solar energy adoption in the United States has seen tremendous momentum recently. It’s not surprising that half of all Fortune 500 companies have increased their use of renewable energy, saving a collective $1.1 billion in energy costs. Leading the charge in energy savings are tech giants like Intel and Dell, saving $73 million and $36 million, respectively.

As a medium-sized tech company, Accusoft is also a proponent of energy conservation. We’re on target to reduce 9 tons or more of carbon dioxide emissions per year with the implementation of solar panels in our headquarters atrium. That amount of CO2 savings is the equivalent of planting 45 trees every year for 3 decades!

We’re on track to save almost $27,000 a year!

Our neighbors in Walt Disney World have plans to build a solar panel project of their own, which will include 47,000 panels spanning 20 acres and be constructed in the shape of Mickey Mouse. While a 47,000-panel project may take up to a year, Accusoft’s 30 solar panels took just under 3 months to install thanks to hard work done by Tampa Energy Solutions.

Implementing large-scale renewable energy programs, while obviously appealing, takes an incredible investment both from a resource and financial standpoint. It can be more difficult for SMBs to get on board simply because they might not have the facilities, investment or resources available.

That’s why companies like Tesla are creating technology that will make using solar energy more readily available to the average consumer.

The adoption of renewable energy initiatives is not going anywhere anytime soon. Accusoft plans to continue to decrease its carbon footprint and in addition to the solar panels, has recently added two electric vehicle charging stations to its parking lot for employees with solar-powered cars.

And we’re just getting started.


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