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Accusoft Reaches Out: Community Initiatives & Employee Engagement During COVID-19

accusoft covid-19

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has impacted every family in the world in some way or another. Today, nothing is certain about what the future holds, but we are looking forward with optimism. At Accusoft, it’s important to our leaders and individual contributors to be there for our community as well as our families. 

In response to the pandemic, our organization has put a spotlight on employee engagement and community outreach. As part of our mission, we are committed to making the world in which we live and work a better place. 

“Our mission is to make the world in which we live and work a better place. We do this by inventing new ways to help organizations become more efficient and innovative, promoting the continuous improvement of our community, and working to minimize our impact on natural resources.”

Staying Social: Virtual Hangouts

It’s important that employees have a work-life balance and stay engaged during this stressful time. To help manage this transition, Accusoft has set up virtual events for socializing each week. Whether it’s a coffee chat in the morning or a team lunch in the afternoon, the leaders at Accusoft are making it a priority to make work as normal as possible for everyone. Using Slack, channels have been set up to discuss community outreach initiatives, takeout and delivery food options, pets, and more.

Staying Alert: Town Hall Communications

While there are so many unknowns, it’s vital to keep employees informed. Accusoft has implemented a monthly, company-wide town hall meeting to hear from the executive team and provide an opportunity for employees to ask questions. The meeting helps alleviate any stressors that might be plaguing teams and assuage the uncertainty of how this situation is impacting Accusoft’s normal business operations.

Giving Back: Fundraising for a Cause

In addition to taking care of employees, Accusoft is also doing everything it can to reach out to the community. Accusoft’s employee benefit, Champion a Charity, has taken off during this pandemic. Employees throughout the organization are able to sponsor one charity of their choosing per year and solicit donations from fellow employees to receive up to $1,000 in company match. For those that have selected charities or fundraisers that benefit healthcare workers, local restaurants, or those with lost wages due to the pandemic, CEO Jack Berlin has waived the limit on the company match and encourages employees to donate to each cause. Collectively, we have raised over $3,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts in the past month, and we’re continuously looking for opportunities to give back in other ways.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we have a few open positions available. Check out our careers page for more information about working at Accusoft.