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Expense Report Automation: Accusoft Uses Its Own Technology to Streamline Manual Processes



It’s never been a more pressing time to go digital. With over half of the world working remotely, we all need an easier way to complete our daily tasks. For some, this presents a unique challenge. Manual processes that require physical paper are now much more difficult in a work-from-home world. Expense report automation is one such challenge.

Finding a way to digitally automate those processes is now key. Especially when it comes to filing expense reports. Accusoft puts employees’ safety first, which is why we implemented new work-from-home protocols. While this comes with its own unique challenges, we are streamlining our processes by using our own technology to automate manual processes, like expense reports.

Digital Process Automation

Docubee is a business process automation tool, powered by Accusoft technology, that enables businesses to streamline a variety of different processes including document sharing, form creation, data collection, and digital signatures.

While Docubee is used for a variety of different processes, Accusoft is now using the tool to help employees during these unprecedented times. Accusoft was able to rethink the way we work, including the way we process expense reports.

Since most employees with a corporate card were always in the office, the process was more of a face-to-face interaction. Employees with a corporate card would print out their credit card statements at the end of each month, gather all receipts and invoices, print them out, write down a reference number for tracking, get their manager’s wet signature, and deliver the package to the accounting department.

“While this process has always worked for Accusoft, the Coronavirus forced us to take a deeper look at how we operate,” said Anthony Sanchez, Chief Financial Officer at Accusoft. “We have a great tool that can help us automate, and we are taking advantage of this opportunity to make the transition.”

A New Process for All

Using Docubee’s document sharing and workflow routing capabilities, employees were able to collect all of their receipts and invoices digitally, attach them to the new workflow, send them to their manager for a digital signature, and route the collection of paperwork to accounting for final approval. 

“Docubee is crucial in times like these,” says Steve Wilson, President of Docubee. “Our technology is powered by Accusoft’s powerful SDKs and APIs. As a business process automation tool, Docubee can help a variety of businesses take their processes digital.”

Accusoft discovered that using Docubee for filing expense reports is the perfect solution for the current circumstances and beyond. It streamlined the process for everyone involved, enabling employees to share statements more efficiently and managers to approve them with ease.

Do you have a manual process that has become more difficult during these work-from-home circumstances? Learn how you can take these processes digital and make your team more productive. Discover what you can do with Docubee.