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Accusoft’s 8th Annual Chili Cook Off

accusoft chili cook off


Every year since 2012, Accusoft hosts a Chili Cook Off competition for its employees. The Event Ninjas, a group of Accusoft staff from different departments, plan this event to bring together different departments for a friendly battle of the senses. Ariana Tsouris, Accusoft’s customer marketing specialist, took the lead on planning the 2020 Chili Cook Off. 


Over the years, the different chili entries have been everything from hot and spicy to hearty and filling. There’s never a dull moment on the judge’s panel. That’s right. All chili entered into the cook off must pass a test, and it’s up to a random panel of judges to decide the winner.

accusoft chili cook off

The Blind Taste Test

Contestants compete to win the Judge’s Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award when they enter the cook off, each boasting a prize and bragging rights for years to come.

A panel of five judges randomly selected from the Accusoft staff judge the chili entries based on five categories including aroma, consistency, taste, bite, and name creativity. Judges must rate each chili on these five categories from 1-10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Judge’s Choice Award

This year, Emily Kaneff’s “Don’t Doubt UR Chili” won the Judge’s Choice Award for the chili with the best score in all five categories.

Emily will have her name engraved on the Annual Chili Cook Off Plaque that hangs on the second floor of Accusoft’s Technology Center, the East Annex. She also took home a custom-made wooden spoon trophy and a gift card.

The rest of the staff get to vote on their favorite chili, too. And the People’s Choice Award is not an easy prize to take home.

People’s Choice Award

This year, the competition was stiff. There was a tie between three contestants’ chilis. Competing for the final vote were Christine Harielson’s “Chill Out Chili,” Brian Jenkins’ “Buffalo Chicken Chili,” and Eric Gee’s “Cluckin’ Good Chili.” 

In the event of a tie, CEO, Jack Berlin must make the final call. After a blind taste test of all the competing chilis, Eric Gee’s “Cluckin’ Good Chili” came out on top.

This year, there were many chilis that could have taken the gold, but the one with the best aroma, consistency, taste, bite, and creative name went to Emily Kaneff and the People’s Choice went to Eric Gee. Thank you to all who coordinated and participated in this event; without you, this event would not have been possible. Until next year.