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Adding Document Viewing To Your Site Will Take Less Time Than Reading This Blog

On May 13th, we hosted an informative webinar entitled “Add Document Viewing To Your Website in Less Than 5 Minutes” featuring our Cloud Services Viewer.

Our cloud services are designed to provide easy-to-use, scalable offerings that you can use in your website and application development projects. The same technology that made Accusoft an industry leader in self-hosted web and app development is now available in the cloud.

If customization and ease is what you’re looking for in your document viewer, look no further. Using our Viewer Wizard, you can completely customize a document viewer that fits your needs.

Want your top border to be light blue? The Viewer Wizard can do that.

Want users to have document signing and annotation abilities? The Viewer Wizard can do that.

Want to prevent users from downloading and printing your document? Simply turn off the download and print features using the Viewer Wizard.

Master how to configure and integrate Accusoft Cloud Services viewer for free on your website or blog in just 5 minutes by watching our webinar here.