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And The Developer Deathmatch Winner Is…

Last Friday, five teams composed of Florida Polytechnic University students squared off in the first “Accusoft Developer Deathmatch.” In the end, Electric Knee reigned victorious and took home an Oculus Rift Developer Kit.

Battling through five challenges of part hackathon and part digital scavenger hunt, the students were able to delve into Barcode Xpress, our barcode scanner SDK, and interact with some of our developers. It was a wonderful opportunity for these extremely bright and talented students to experience real-world challenges like integrating third party tools and unfamiliar technology.

The event also provided our company with valuable insight on how to make product evaluation easier and how we can assist new users in setting up products.

As the first of many more events to come, we also found some areas to improve upon. While we had expected the students to have some experience in C# or using Visual Studio, most were more familiar with mobile app development and open source. Since many didn’t have Visual Studio installed already, on-the-spot installation delayed the challenges a bit.

Like with any first time event, there were issues. But the students and faculty rolled along with us and made it a truly successful experience for everyone. We’re looking forward to creating an all-knew challenge for the students next year!

Click here to enjoy a few pictures from the event.