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Announcing the PrizmDoc Server .NET SDK


.NET document processing

There’s a lot more to PrizmDoc Viewer than the UI control that lives in the browser. The document processing magic that powers so many of the viewer’s features is actually part of a powerful backend component, PrizmDoc Server. And that power is not just for our viewer; it’s available for your applications as well. 

We designed PrizmDoc Server from the very beginning to be a set of reusable REST APIs consumable by any application. Our customers have been leveraging it to redact documents, convert files to new formats, split and merge documents, thumbnail pages, turn images into searchable PDFs, and more.

The great thing about a REST API is that you can use it from any programming language. The tradeoff is that it takes a little more effort to consume than a library that is tailor-made for your programming language. Even basic things like HTTP requests and handling JSON, while not at all difficult, are still not as simple as just calling a method to do something. 

And PrizmDoc Server’s REST API, in particular, requires several HTTP calls to complete a task: upload your file(s) for input, start your process (like file conversion), poll for completion, and then download your output. While this works well, wouldn’t it be great if there was a first-class .NET SDK for PrizmDoc Server, making it even easier for .NET developers to leverage its document processing power?

Well, now there is. The PrizmDoc Server .NET SDK is a first-class .NET library which wraps the most important parts of the PrizmDoc Server REST API, making it even easier to process your documents with PrizmDoc Server in .NET. Using simple method calls, you can now:

Check out our How To Guides for examples.

The SDK is free, open source, runs on both .NET Core and .NET Framework, and is available from NuGet

If you’re a .NET developer using PrizmDoc Server, visit the PrizmDoc Server .NET SDK project homepage for instructions on how to get started. We think you’ll love it.

Adam Cooper, Principal Engineer I

Adam joined Accusoft in 2010 and works as a software architect for the PrizmDoc family of products. He focuses primarily on API design, customer experience, and internal tooling to support product development. Prior to Accusoft, Adam developed software for a variety of organizations, mostly focusing on .NET, web development, and automated testing. Outside of work, Adam enjoys photography, music composition and engraving, discussing the Bible, and spending time with his family and church.