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Automating High-Volume, Low Complexity Tasks

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As the manager of a growing sales team at ImagiCorp, Tina receives a lot of approval requests for a bunch of different reasons. She gets asked for discount approvals, travel requests, and infrequent calls for specialized payment or contract terms. Many of those approvals can be handled with a simple email confirmation, while others require her signature.

Not only does Tina get the original approval request, but she’ll often get a follow-up message on Slack, or a phone call and email. Her team has become really accustomed to quick response times. As quarter-end or year-end draws near, those expectations seem unrealistic.

That’s why Tina is so relieved her company has decided to extend their CRM and HR applications with OnTask, a business process automation (BPA) solution. The timing couldn’t be better, as Tina just hired three pre-sales engineers to her team, who will be starting after she returns from vacation. HR will be handling the onboarding paperwork, but they’ll need her approvals while she’s away.

Does this scenario seem familiar?

In our digital age, businesses and organizations across all industries are striving to automate high-volume, low complexity tasks to operate more efficiently and reduce cost. Business process automation goes beyond just saving time. It can also:

  • Reduce human error by eliminating redundant data entry
  • Ensure consistent customer experiences
  • Be configured to ensure regulatory compliance requirements
  • Prevent bottlenecks with automated alerts and status updates

Digital transformation and cloud-based BPA solutions enable executives and their teams to work efficiently wherever they may be, whether it’s at a customer site, conference, or home office. With a solution like this, it doesn’t matter that Tina is on vacation, she’ll be able to approve the onboarding documents wherever she may be.

BPA solutions like OnTask are responsive and empower signing authorities to approve contracts, expense reports, or other process documents on the device which is close at hand. Your employees won’t need to call or text you to confirm you received their request, they can view it on their personal dashboard. All they have to do is give you a digital nudge if a request is urgent.

Not All Contracts and Documents Are Created Equal

Tina’s team committed to adopting electronic signatures going forward, yet they’re storing some paper contracts which are signed with wet ink. Tina and her colleague in finance want to convert their physical contracts to searchable PDFs, then apply similar workflow logic as those which were born digital.

Fortunately, OnTask enables users to scan paper contracts and apply the same rules which govern electronic documents like PDFs. In Tina’s case, they store their documents in Microsoft SharePoint. Their IT team was happy to see OnTask could work with SharePoint as an external repository.

Digital documents and contracts like Statements of Work, (especially in formats like Microsoft Word) often go through multiple versions and modifications by both parties before they are signed off. If a term is modified during negotiations and track changes have been turned off, ImagiCorp could be on the hook to deliver on the modified terms if they aren’t discovered before signoff.

OnTask tracks each task in the lifecycle and who’s participated, mitigating risk and building trust. Tina appreciates that mistakes are made during negotiations, but OnTask helps her highlight changes which might otherwise cause her services team headaches down the road.

ImagiCorp business processes – such as quotes, business expenses, invoices, and purchase requisitions – are all closely tied to a standard form. Business process management enables organizations to use a templated form for these transactions and to associate those forms with a designated workflow within OnTask.

Mapping Out Digital Workflows with Minimal to No Code

Mirroring real-world business processes in the digital realm used to involve a lot of custom coding across multiple business applications. OnTask provides non-technical users like Tina a graphical workflow design interface. This enables business executives or analysts to plot out branches and milestones along the business process. Just in case there is an organizational change at ImagiCorp or a one-off change from business-as-usual.

You don’t have to add unnecessary IT overhead and complexity with a solution which requires extensive development expertise. OnTask offers innovative ways to design workflows with no code required. Are you looking to increase efficiencies and reduce cost by extending your core business applications with BPA?

Contact the OnTask sales team for a custom demonstration on how digital workflows can optimize your document-centric processes.