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Build Customer Engagement with Interactive Barcodes

If you spend some time on our site, you’ll see that we have a host of different SDKs to integrate into your software applications. One of these SDKs is Barcode Xpress. Barcode Xpress gives your applications the power to detect, read and write all common, and many uncommon, 1D and 2D barcodes with unparalleled speed and accuracy. All it takes is a few lines of code and you can have the most accurate barcode reader available. You can even get it in a mobile version to build barcode recognition and reading to Android or iOS applications!

So why are we writing a blog about Barcode Xpress?

A few weeks ago Heinz had a small problem with one of the QR codes that was on the back of their ketchup bottles. Daniel Korell, from Germany, noticed a QR code on the back of his ketchup bottle instructing him to scan it if he wanted to create a personalized Heinz Ketchup label. Mr. Korell scanned the code, but it didn’t lead him to a “Make your own ketchup label site”. What it lead him to was something he never expected: A pornographic website. Yes, you read that right. An adult-oriented website.

The ketchup bottle that Mr. Korell had was a few years old and Heinz forgot to renew the domain that the QR code led to. A simple mistake, but one that Heinz should have caught.

But what does this story have to do with Barcode Xpress?

Using an SDK like Barcode Xpress enables you to create interactive QR codes just like the one that was on the back of the Heinz bottle (we just suggest you keep the domain of the landing page active). Not only can you create QR codes, but you can also write many other 2D and even 1D barcodes. You can even integrate Barcode Xpress into your inventory management to track purchases and shipments.

The possibilities of integrations are nearly limitless with Barcode Xpress. Download a trial version today and see why our SDKs are industry leaders!