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Level Up the Playing Field: Combatting Document Application Overload with Custom APIs

While collection and storage solutions have evolved to help manage the document deluge, problems emerge when it comes to personnel. As noted by Tech Republic, staff now cycle through 35 applications and perform more than 130 cut-and-paste actions per day as they attempt to view key resources and complete critical tasks. Big data is taking over the world, but it’s not being managed effectively. Documents of all shapes, sizes, files, and formats are everywhere.

The solution to this application overload in a document-dominated world? Customizable APIs — like those powering Accusoft’s industry-leading PrizmDoc™ Viewer — that allow developers to tackle everything from quick integrations to basic interface adjustments and advanced customization. Ready to do more with documents and get staff back on track? Here’s how PrizmDoc API customization can help.

Level One: Integration

As noted by the SD Times, APIs are the ideal solution for new-decade deployments because they offer the critical advantage of easy integration. Instead of taking the long road of designing applications, identifying interdependencies, and regulating resource calls from the ground up, customizable API solutions offer the shortcut of easy integration with existing apps, allowing staff to stay under the umbrella of familiar functions while adding value-driven features.

By simply adding the jQuery plugin to existing web applications, teams can use the full feature set of PrizmDoc Viewer  — which includes multi-format document viewing, search, annotation, redaction, and conversion — without the need for complex customization.


Level Two: Customizable Configuration Parameters

For many organizations, minor customization to basic functions like tab display and localization help viewer APIs align with user expectations and existing application frameworks. Using the jQuery namespace plugin, developers can customize basic UI elements and set specific initialization parameters. Teams can choose to hide or display tabs, specify the size of the viewer, and set the mode of comparison tools. 

Worth noting? Modifying PrizmDoc Viewer via the jQuery plugin requires no modification to actual code, allowing powerful customization with minimal effort and ensuring the viewer is always compatible with future release versions.  


Level Three: Interface API Customization

Need to do more with your customizable API? PrizmDoc Viewer is designed using an open markup approach, meaning all HTML and .css code is fully open and customizable. By modifying HTML templates or injecting your own code, you can create a completely redesigned interface that aligns with existing application formats or use the API’s unminified, unobfuscated JavaScript library to edit the business logic and behavior of the viewer. 

For example, PrizmDoc Viewer offers total control over the configuration and customization of its eSignature, allowing you to modify existing parameters or build your own from the ground up, complete with programmatic field fill-in.

Level Four: Completely Customize Your Document Viewer

Want complete customization control? Use PrizmDoc Viewer as sample code and build your own viewer from the ground up. Our Developer Guide provides insight on using the Viewer API to modify or augment application behavior and the configuration of PrizmDoc application services (PAS) and the PrizmDoc server to enhance both viewing functionality and automated document processing.

With effective document management now critical to business success, full-featured viewer integration and customization is required to help combat application overload, align software functionality, and improve end-user access. From out-of-the-box support to building from scratch, the customizable API of PrizmDoc Viewer gives your team total control.