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Creating a Positive Company Culture

Creating a corporate culture of empowered employees isn’t easy, but it’s pretty important. Research finds that employees who are not supported by a positive culture are 44% less engaged at work and make 3X as many mistakes. Here is a cool infographic about the effects of company culture on employee productivity.

So how do you create a culture that’s conducive to happier, and subsequently more productive, employees? Perhaps I’m biased, but here are some of the things I think Accusoft is getting right about culture:

Encouraging Open Communication and Thoughtful Ideas
Quarterly, the entire company gets together over lunch for a company-wide meeting, which has become a tradition since the company’s founding in 1991. These meetings are organized as an open forum where employees can provide updates, ask questions, introduce new hires, brag on each other, and anything else they want to talk about.

What started out as a small group of guys and gals back in 1991 has evolved into a standing-room-only group of scientists, salespeople, marketers, managers, developers and everyone in between sharing ideas, getting excited about projects and sometimes, like at our last Chalk Talk, taking selfies with President and CEO Jack Berlin.

When we’re not at this meeting, there are plenty of informal meetings and get-togethers, hall talks and even an internal business planning site for ideas and general mindsharing that any employee is welcome to contribute to.

Camaraderie and Community
Go kart tracks, baseball games, dress-up days and company picnics are commonplace for team events, and we celebrate everyone’s birthday. My own office is a perma-beach now, thanks to some awesome co-workers who decked it out with hanging lanterns, hula grass and balloons to welcome me back from my honeymoon. The marketing department celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a taco fiesta and beer tasting, complete with a live video feed on the Periscope App.

Our location is outstanding, too. Located right off of the Hillsborough River in beautiful and sunny Tampa, Florida. What’s there not to like about living and working in the Sunshine State? We’re a short drive away from the gulf beaches and with the local food scene growing like it is, the food choices and quality are becoming unrivaled.

Sometimes It’s The Little Things
A more positive culture equals more satisfied employees and treating your employees right is imperative to a company’s success. Not only does Accusoft get the big things right, but they also have all of the little things covered.

When hunger strikes it can be really distracting, so Accusoft provides fully stocked cabinets full of snacks. Everything from Cliff Bars to trail mix and chips are always available at no charge. And to make the food even better, they provide us with soda machines, also at no charge.

We are also provided with onsite gym facilities and showers, so we can take a break whenever we need one. There are foosball, ping-pong, and pool tables along with video games too if you aren’t a fan of hitting the treadmill.

Accusoft has created a positive work environment and a company culture that is unmatched. I can truly see myself growing my career here, alongside my co-workers. Check out Accusoft’s careers page here and come join us!