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Docubee: Not Just a No-Code Workflow Solution

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Docubee is a great no-code platform for automating your business processes. If you are a developer, we offer several ways to integrate Docubee directly into your site with straightforward APIs, and a few lines of code. If that isn’t your speed, no worries! You can learn more about how you can use Docubee code free here. Otherwise, read on!

You’ve got your perfect website and your customers know and love your unique style. With Docubee, it’s easy to use your own forms to collect data and much more. With additional effort, you could even send documents hosted on your site to Docubee and auto-populate them with data collected in a form.

To demonstrate a very simple use-case, here is a survey form in Docubee which can be used to collect and track response data. The Docubee workflow will be a very simple two step process – a web form and email step. Check out how to create a workflow template here.


The Docubee Workflow

Using Docubee’s fast form creator, it was easy to create a simple survey form.

Once created and published, the workflow’s form can be directly linked via URL for collecting survey data, or it can be submitted from your own site by initiating a POST request. This way you don’t need to worry about storing the data. Docubee allows you to track and export all responses.

Each field in the workflow designer has a Field Label and Property Name. The label is what shows up on the Docubee web form, and the Property Name is what the response data corresponds with in the Docubee dashboard.

So far, there are six “Single-Line Text” fields on the form, five of which have a data type of text and one of type e-mail.

(Label / Property Name)

  • What is your favorite product? / Favorite_Product
  • Why did your purchase this product? / Why_Purchase_Product
  • How satisfied are you with this product? / Product_Satisfaction
  • Would you recommend this product to a friend? / Recommend_Product
  • Would you recommend this company to a friend? / Recommend_Company
  • Your Email / Respondent_Email

The property name is also how the data is stored in the POST request body to Docubee that initiates the workflow.

The Docubee API

The workflow can be initiated from your site by having your form post to custom route on your server. The handler behind that route needs to format your forms response data to POST to the workflow instances API endpoint:

Content-Type: application/json
Request Body
  "wfModelId": "yourModelIdHere",
  "wfData": {
    "Favorite_Product": "yourDataHere",
    "Why_Purchase_Product": "yourDataHere",
    "Product_Satisfaction": "yourDataHere",
    "Recommend_Product": "yourDataHere",
    "Recommend_Company": "yourDataHere",
    "Respondent_Email": "yourDataHere"
Content-Type: application/json
  "wfInstanceId": "instance-id",
  "redirectUrl": "url-if-there-is-a-next-workflow-step"

After a successful POST request, the workflow will be initiated with the data and a thank you email would be automatically sent to the email contained in the “Respondent_Email” property.

The survey responses can be tracked in the Docubee Dashboard under the “COMPLETED” instances tab.

All survey results can also be exported to a CSV file using the “Export Workflows” button.



Example CSV Export:

Docubee can be used for a wide variety of different use cases, from something as simple as collecting survey data, to more advanced use-cases requiring documents hosted on your site to be automatically populated with data.

Reach out today to schedule a demo, or to get started integrating Docubee’s other powerful APIs into your product. For more advanced use-cases our Professional Services team would be more than happy to assist.

Check out more here.

Landon Lamb

Landon Lamb, Software Engineer III – Docubee Team

Landon started out as a Software Engineer in Support at Accusoft in July 2016. In April of 2017, he transitioned onto the Docubee team initially as a Workflow Developer.

Currently, Landon is a Software Engineer III and works on the front end site, the back end services, and the product’s build pipeline. He enjoys helping deliver new features to Docubee’s growing user base.