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Docubee: Eliminate Headaches and Grow Your Business

There’s no easy way around it. We live in a digital world where paper is less and less efficient to manage. Email started the first round of digital transformation, but now our inboxes get flooded with messages making it almost impossible to get the job done on time. Not to mention, the potential security risks if documents are lost or stolen in cyberspace.

So what’s the solution? A simple process automation platform that enables your team to evolve your business process. Now you can stop using outdated methods of the 90s, like passing paper forms from desk-to-desk or using your inbox as your task list, and start operating efficiently. Discover how Docubee can simply automate your forms and processes so you can get back to work.

Fast Form Creator

Forms are a critical piece of most business processes no matter what industry you’re operating in. The fast form creator helps you create reusable digital forms in minutes by automatically finding and placing fields on documents so you don’t waste time manually updating static forms. Why print, scan, and fax paper forms when you can easily create digital assets? With Docubee, you can eliminate manual processes and streamline your document-based workflows.

Dynamic Web Forms

Creation isn’t the only challenge when it comes to forms. Companies need a faster, more accurate way for their customers and employees to complete forms in a mobile world. So why use static PDFs and paper forms that make collecting data tedious and time consuming? Even email, spreadsheets, and chat fall short when it comes to collecting and syncing data to your other systems.
With Docubee’s dynamic web forms, organizations can collect data faster and more accurately with mobile-responsive web forms. Designed to support today’s on-the-go teams, Docubee gives you the freedom to complete tasks from the field, the office, or wherever you need to get the job done.

Process Builder

Having a standard process in place helps every project move from start to finish more efficiently. Many organizations have processes that are undocumented and difficult to duplicate. Wouldn’t it be easier to lay the foundation to allow your business to grow before it gets out of control? With Docubee’s process builder, you can easily map, replicate, and update your business processes with an intuitive, no-code workflow tool.

Give your organization the ability to scale and have more visibility into existing processes. With no custom-coding required, you can create new processes quickly and update them on the fly as your business evolves. Don’t put your company at risk of non-compliance. Standardized processes are the key to taking the guesswork out of completing mission-critical tasks and alleviating your company’s growing pains.

Digital Signatures

Your John Hancock is not what it used to be. Ink and paper are tried and true, but in today’s digital age, there’s a more secure and efficient way to approve official documents. With Docubee’s digital signatures, you can ensure documents get signed and returned quickly from any device. With wet signatures, there’s no audit trail. Not to mention the hassle of printing, scanning, and emailing. With a growing mobile and remote workforce, you can avoid documents getting stalled in the signing process. Don’t wait for the signer to get back to their desk to physically see the hard copy waiting to be signed. Docubee provides legally-binding digital signatures for secure, trackable transactions.


Requiring the same data, say your name and address, to be entered over and over again into several forms is just a waste of time. Why make it more difficult than it has to be? Docubee can help you auto-merge your data directly into your form and document templates. Enter it once and your data flows seamlessly across all your forms and your other systems. Eliminate human error and get the right information into the right hands faster. Discover a more efficient way to populate your data with Docubee.

Everyone needs efficient, structured business processes that digitize cumbersome email and paper-based workflows. Add value to your business, boost process efficiency, and empower your team to get work done faster with Docubee. Ready to get started? Schedule a demo today.