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Employee Wellness: An Accusoft Priority


As a growing tech company in the Tampa Bay area, Accusoft is an innovative place to work, not only for its patented technology, but also for its progressive employee well-being initiatives. A select group of employees make up a team called the Wellness Warriors, who meet once a quarter to discuss new initiatives to promote employee health and well-being. 

In the past year alone, the Wellness Warriors have implemented programs that focus on physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial wellness of Accusoft employees. These programs are intended to help employees feel more balanced and productive in their personal and work lives.

   Physical Wellness

Accusoft’s Wellness Warriors put a high priority on physical wellness. Sugary snacks and sodas that used to be provided to employees are now replaced with healthier options like flavored water, fruits, and vegetables. 

In addition, Accusoft offers employees the opportunity to participate in an annual health fair, where partners in the community like local gyms, meal prep providers, and doctors alike come together to share their passion for a healthy lifestyle.

As part of this initiative, Accusoft has also brought in a nutritionist for 1:1 appointments, offered educational sessions on insurance-provided programs like MotivateMe, and partnered with local gyms for discounted rates through employees’ insurance coverage.

   Emotional & Mental Wellness

Accusoft understands that physical wellness is just one part of being whole and happy, and that emotional and mental wellness are important too. The Wellness Warriors have taken initiatives to improve the workspace and offer opportunities for stress relief and relaxation.

In both Accusoft buildings, there is now a meditation room for employees to use at their leisure. These rooms are equipped with yoga mats, guided meditation discs, and comfortable seating. In addition, Accusoft partners with local massage therapists to come in once a month for employee-paid massages. These initiatives are just part of the wellness programs that Accusoft offers. 

Accusoft is also working on initiatives to help change the way we think and talk about mental health and well-being, working to break the stigma that’s tied to mental health. In addition to our traditional EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) that provide free counselling resources for our employees, we recognize that it’s our culture that will empower our team members to use our benefits without fear of retaliation.

   Financial Wellness

In addition to physical, emotional, and mental health, financial and social health also play a role in creating a balanced life. That’s why Accusoft offers opportunities for all employees to learn more about their financial health and practice good budgeting. 

Accusoft brings in investment professionals and financial advisors for employees a few times a year to encourage education on financial wellness. This empowers employees to take control of their investments, retirement accounts, and budgeting items for better money management.

   Social Wellness

Finally, Accusoft understands that social wellness is a huge part of feeling good. The Wellness Warriors and Event Ninjas work together to make sure that everyone is included in fun, company events. Whether it’s the annual chili cookoff or the Office Olympics, Accusoft always has something going on to build team bonds and encourage collective success.

Accusoft is a great place to work, and we’re hiring! Take a look at our current career opportunities now, and join a company that values our talent above all else.