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Expand Your Application with Document Conversion in the Cloud

As a developer, you know that building functionality can be time consuming, especially when you’re doing it from scratch. Take this average scenario into consideration. Steve is a senior application developer for a fintech company. His product management colleague has assigned him the task of extending his company’s investment management application with document management functions like document viewing, redaction, and conversion.

As Steve reads over the specs for content conversion, he is concerned about how he will be able to deliver all the requirements within the time he has been allocated. His colleagues are all working flat out, and his company can’t afford to be late on shipping the next release.

Developing document conversion functionality from scratch for SaaS applications is a lot like using a sledgehammer for a fly swatter. It will likely create a mess and do some damage to what’s beneath it. Not to mention, there are far better tools which are available for easy integration.

The Accusoft Cloud is one of these options. Steve can easily take it for a test drive with 300 free transactions, and you can too if you keep reading. First, let’s explore three important reasons why you should buy, not build document conversion capability for your business applications.

1. Proven, Future Proof Functionality

As an application architect or developer, you know your application code better than anybody. Accusoft APIs are highly customizable, fully supported, and already delivering value in production environments just like yours. Just like your customers tell your product managers the functionality they want in your apps, our customers have helped us to define:

  • The file types they need to convert, and what they want to convert to. For example, our conversion API supports JPEG to PNG, Word to PNG, two Word docs to a single multi-page PDF, and much more.
  • That splitting a large, multipage document into multiple files, or vice-versa, is a common, recurring need.
  • That they don’t always have to convert a whole document, just part of it.
  • Their document security requirements, such as encrypting documents, and locking them down with passwords.
  • The kind of document numbering they want to apply to various files and file types.

Since building document management and conversion APIs is our core business, you don’t have to make it yours. Our Board of Connectors and other customers from multiple industries help us to stay up-to-date on features they need, and we strive to deliver on as many as we can. Of course, our documentation helps many customers build some of their own functionality using our API.

2. Interoperable with Many Leading Coding Languages

If your development team built your core application with Python, Node.js, or another cloud and API service-friendly language, you can significantly accelerate your delivery time on document management functionality. When many of the developers we work with demonstrate how they can deliver the document conversion functionality business stakeholders want, in a consumption-priced model, it often makes the business case for them much easier.

3. Cloud Flexibility, Enhanced Security

There are many businesses running cloud services across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud. Accusoft runs our services on AWS, yet you can “Bring Your Own Cloud,” and not be concerned about compatibility. Your documents are secure during conversion, processing, and retrieval.

PrizmDoc Cloud enables you to start with viewer and conversion functionality, and if (and when) you need other services like watermarking, JPEG compression, or OCR, you can easily add that functionality, without downtime or disruption to your business-critical applications.

Get started on document conversion with a free 300 transaction test-drive of the PrizmDoc Cloud. Take the time to integrate it with the application you are assigned to, then do a POC to show your stakeholders how seamlessly our API works with your application. When you’re ready to adopt our document conversion and viewing functionality on a long-term basis, you can do so with ease. Contact us to get started today.