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Find Out How to Pack More Functionality Into Your App for Less

Accusoft Services is quickly becoming the API suite of choice of developers for a couple of good reasons.

First, the technology is great.

Accusoft’s flagship product, an HTML5 file viewer, is an industry-leading tool that empowers the viewing of any file type on any device without having to download. But, as developers are discovering, Accusoft Services offers much more than a file viewer. Accusoft Services also features APIs for OCR, barcode reading and writing, file conversion and image compression.

Second, the value is crazy.

When developers choose an API for the app they are building, they want a period of time to test to be sure they’ve got the right product. The Basic Plan provides 100 free viewing, OCR, barcode and conversion transactions every month. Want to test out the quality of our image compression? No problem. This free plan also includes 1,000 image compressions every single month.

Need more? Get more. The Freelancer plan doubles the number of transactions you get per month and only costs as little as $5 per month.

The values just get better. The bigger the plan you invest in, the more you’ll receive. In fact, our Enterprise plan which is $699 per month for an annual plan provides 50,000 regular transactions and a whopping 500,000 image compressions. That’s a little more than one cent per regular transaction and less than a penny per image compression.

Try to do 500,000 compressions elsewhere, and you’ll be paying a whole lot more. TinyPNG and EWWW charge over $1,000 per month!

Time to Try!

Interested but not ready to pull out your credit card? No problem. You can sign up for a free Accusoft Services account with just an email address. Until you decide you can’t wait another second to upgrade to a paid service, you can keep your credit card to yourself!

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