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FormSuite Cloud Beta: Forms Automation Made Easy

forms in the cloud

If your development team is building a data-rich application which will ingest gigabytes of data from newly-converted forms and born-digital ones, a cloud-based forms automation API can minimize development cost and effort. These days, forms are increasingly populated on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as opposed to desktop browsers. 

Imagine if your clients, patients, employees, or constituents could fill out structured paper forms, then scan and submit them for processing. FormSuite in the Cloud helps your business reap the benefits of:

  1. Hassle-free scanning followed by image capture and cleanup. 
  2. Seamless identification of multiple form types.
  3. Fast, accurate extraction of handwritten and typed data inputs. 

Custom development of this sort of functionality into your business application can add significant scope to the initial build and help you bypass those manual, incremental upgrades. Even if you are already experiencing the benefits of the Accusoft server-based FormSuite for Structured Forms or FormSuite for Invoices for your legacy applications, the increased flexibility of the FormSuite Cloud Beta is worth investigating.

Use Cases for Cloud-Based Form Capture

There are several scenarios for different industry use cases where cloud-enabled forms automation could create efficiency and reduce cost.

Insurance: Are clients applying for coverage by filling out paper forms? Claims for health expenses, property damage, or car accidents are all handled through your user-facing application.

Legal: How do attorneys capture retainer forms or engagement letters? Whether your law firm specializes in real estate, corporate mergers and acquisitions, or criminal matters,  processing the various forms involved in case files is a tedious manual task. 

Government: Permit applications, census forms, tax forms, invoices, and business registration forms are a few examples of documents which often start out as paper documents, but are best stored and processed electronically. Extracting personally identifiable information (PII) from forms and storing data in secure systems mitigates the risk of compromising sensitive data.

Finance: Applications for mortgages, business loans, 401Ks, and other investments often starts with a physical form. The data within these forms often changes after the initial signature ink dries. Pulling accurate data out of these forms in a timely manner is critical. 

A Cloud-Based Forms Solution for All

Whatever industry your business applications serve, it’s quite likely that much of the data which they store will come from a form. Coding your own forms capture functionality into your application adds cost and complexity to development lifecycles. That is entirely avoidable. 

Accusoft has been preparing a cloud-based version of our proven FormSuite SDK. A Beta API is now available for a test-drive. Explore how you can extend your business applications by recognizing key form fields and capturing the data that resides there. Sign up for to test our FormSuite Cloud Beta today