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How PrizmDoc Hybrid Viewing Reduces Server Workloads by Up to 30%

PrizmDoc is a powerful API-based integration that enables developers to incorporate powerful document viewing features into their applications. By offloading document viewing to the end user’s device, PrizmDoc’s Hybrid Viewing feature can save server resources by up to 30% and improve overall performance. Let’s take a look at how Hybrid Viewing works and how it can benefit your application.

How Does Hybrid Viewing Work?

Accusoft’s technical team works hard to incorporate customer feedback and develop state-of-the-art features that cater to businesses of all sizes. PrizmDoc’s Hybrid Viewing feature showcases their commitment to delivering innovative technology that meets customer needs and takes their applications to the next level.

PrizmDoc Hybrid Viewing works by offloading much of the processing workload associated with document viewing from the server to the end user’s device. This reduces server strain as well as improves overall performance since the client-side device doesn’t need to communicate with the server for every action taken in the viewer. 

How Can I Benefit from Using Hybrid Viewing?

PrizmDoc’s Hybrid Viewing feature is a game-changer for organizations looking to improve their document viewing capabilities. By offloading the document viewing functions to the user’s device, Hybrid Viewing can save up to 30% in server resources while simultaneously improving their viewing performance. This technique not only streamlines the process but also frees up resources, allowing businesses to allocate their resources and focus on other vital areas.

Reducing server utilization by 30% can quickly translate into huge cost savings for applications with heavy document viewing workloads. Since most of the viewing is handled by the end user’s device, there’s also no need to download and save files to view them at a later time.

What Are Some of The Other Benefits of Hybrid Viewing?

Another benefit of Hybrid Viewing is the ability to process, view, and manage multiple documents faster by diverting workloads to local, client-side devices. As more document processing is handled locally rather than server-side, the performance of the viewing process improves significantly. This means that users can work with documents more efficiently and effectively, saving time and increasing productivity.

Hybrid Viewing also makes scaling viewing capacity across multiple users less resource intensive for industries with high-volume workloads. With the processing work being done on the end user’s device, the server can handle a greater number of requests without becoming overloaded. This means that businesses and organizations can scale their document management systems with less investment in additional hardware or infrastructure. By reducing the need for server-side processing, Hybrid Viewing provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand their document management capabilities.

Finally, Hybrid Viewing has the capability to convert all file types into ready-to-view PDFs. This not only reduces server load but also minimizes storage requirements. By converting all file types into PDFs, businesses can streamline their document management systems and reduce the amount of storage space required. This feature is particularly useful for organizations with large volumes of documents, as it helps to optimize document storage and retrieval processes.

Reduce Server Workloads by 30% with Hybrid Viewing

PrizmDoc’s Hybrid Viewing feature is an excellent solution for developers who want to offer their clients faster, more reliable document viewing experiences without having to worry about runaway server costs or sacrificing quality of service. By offloading document processing to client-side devices, applications can save up to 30% in valuable server resources that can be dedicated to other priorities. Hybrid Viewing also allows users to access and load documents faster without sacrificing other PrizmDoc features like annotation, redaction, and watermarking.

If you’re looking for a powerful yet cost-effective way to provide your customers with an exceptional viewing experience while minimizing server utilization, start your free PrizmDoc trial to see how Hybrid Viewing can enhance your application.