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Introducing PrizmDoc® for Java: The Evolution of VirtualViewer®

VirtualViewer is now PrizmDoc for Java

In document viewing and processing solutions, change is inevitable and often necessary to keep pace with evolving technologies and market demands. As such, we are thrilled to announce the rebranding of VirtualViewer® to PrizmDoc® for Java. This transformation accentuates Accusoft’s unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge, secure document-viewing solutions to our valued customers and partners.

Why the Change? 

Several key factors drove the decision to rebrand VirtualViewer® as PrizmDoc® for Java, aligning with our mission to deliver innovative and streamlined solutions to the market.

Rebranding VirturalViewer® to PrizmDoc® for Java solidifies Accusoft’s dedication to offering state-of-the-art document-viewing solutions. By folding VirtualViewer® into the PrizmDoc® brand, we can present our current and potential clients with a more cohesive and comprehensive product lineup. This streamlined experience makes it easier for customers to navigate our offerings and find the perfect solution to meet their document-viewing and processing needs.

Renaming VirtualViewer® as PrizmDoc® for Java clarifies its positioning within our product portfolio. Prospects can now readily identify PrizmDoc® for Java as Accusoft’s Java-based option for document viewing and processing. This clear delineation enhances brand recognition and facilitates informed decision-making for potential customers.

What Does PrizmDoc® for Java Have to Offer?

Renaming VirtualViewer® as PrizmDoc® for Java solidifies Accusoft’s commitment to offering our customers options for Document Viewing and Processing that meet their unique needs. PrizmDoc® for Java boasts robust features designed to empower users with unparalleled document-viewing capabilities. From rendering high-fidelity documents with lightning speed to enabling seamless collaboration and annotation, PrizmDoc® for Java is engineered to optimize productivity and efficiency across various industries and use cases. You’ll also still get the same robust document support, easy-to-use format in any environment, and quick installation/integration that you’re used to with VirtualViewer®

Moving Forward

PrizmDoc® for Java represents a new name and a bold step forward in our ongoing mission to redefine the document-viewing landscape. This rebranding supports Accusoft’s commitment to offer innovative, secure document-viewing solutions. VirtualViewer’s® transition to PrizmDoc® for Java signifies more than just a name change—it exemplifies our commitment to excellence and dedication to providing superior document-viewing solutions.

To learn more, visit the PrizmDoc® for Java product page.