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Introducing PrizmDoc OCR API: How OCR Can Transform Your Applications

OCR API Capabilities

The Accusoft engineering team is always exploring ways to improve PrizmDoc’s document processing capabilities. We regularly consult with our active customers to ensure that we’re focusing on features that will help them push the boundaries of innovation and deliver a better experience to end users.

That’s why we’re excited to talk about PrizmDoc’s new OCR API feature, which allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to tap into the power of Accusoft’s industry-leading optical character recognition technology to enhance their application’s document processing capabilities.

Wait, What Is OCR Again?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that converts different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files, or images captured by a digital camera, into editable and searchable data. At its core, OCR works by analyzing the graphical elements of a document and recognizing the patterns of characters or symbols present in it.

Initially, the OCR software segments the document into elements like lines or words and then further breaks them down into individual characters. Using machine learning and pattern recognition, it then matches these individual graphical components to their corresponding textual elements in a pre-defined character database. This process allows for the extraction of textual data from images, enabling digital storage and efficient searching, which facilitates streamlined management and utilization of information across various sectors.

Benefits of PrizmDoc’s OCR API

Building OCR features into an application is a time-consuming and expensive process. The technology behind OCR is not only quite sophisticated, but it also requires access to complex and evolving language libraries that allow it to identify text accurately. Obtaining the licenses for these libraries, incorporating them into a new OCR solution, and keeping them updated can be a challenge for developers who are unfamiliar with OCR processing.

With PrizmDoc’s OCR API, ISVs can easily incorporate OCR capabilities into their applications with a simple API call. We’re constantly updating our OCR features to add new languages and forms of character recognition, all of which can be rolled directly into software applications as part of the PrizmDoc API integration.

What Makes Accusoft’s OCR Different?

Accusoft has long been an innovator in processing solutions that incorporate OCR technology. Where many solutions offer only full-page recognition, our OCR products support zonal field recognition, which allows applications to focus on predefined form field types to extract key data like names, dates, emails, and identification numbers.

Zonal OCR significantly increases processing speed, allowing applications to extract data from documents more quickly. It also enhances accuracy since the OCR engine is only reading specific areas of the page instead of scanning the entire page.

Of course, if your application needs to OCR an entire page or document, our OCR technology is more than capable of doing so quickly and accurately. We support multiple Western and Eastern languages, including Central European, Cyrillic, Baltic, and Asian characters. You can even set confidence levels for recognition results to incorporate manual reviews into your document process.

Industry Applications of OCR Technology

Fintech Applications

By integrating OCR technology into Fintech applications, financial institutions can automate the extraction of data from physical or digital documents, such as invoices, contracts, and bank statements, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. This not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and efficiency, facilitating quicker decision-making processes. It can also aid in compliance and auditing tasks by easily retrieving information from a vast array of documents. By incorporating OCR APIs, Fintech applications can significantly enhance the finance industry’s service quality, fostering a more data-driven and customer-centric approach.


When integrated into a Legaltech application, lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals can utilize OCR technology to swiftly convert scanned documents, agreements, and legal briefs into searchable text. This can significantly expedite research and case preparation, allowing legal practitioners to efficiently sift through large volumes of text to locate pertinent information. It also enables the creation of digital databases that can be easily navigated and organized, enhancing the retrieval of case-related documents and fostering a more streamlined approach to legal work, thereby saving time and resources.


For ISVs building solutions to support insurance companies, an OCR API can serve as a pivotal tool in modernizing and streamlining the processing of numerous document types, including claims, policies, and supporting paperwork. It facilitates the quick conversion of scanned documents and images to searchable text formats, which can automate data extraction and reduce manual handling, minimizing the risk of errors and expediting claim processing times. By automating a significant portion of administrative tasks, insurance companies can focus more on developing customer-centric strategies and solutions, fostering greater efficiency and effectiveness within the industry.


Governments handle a vast array of documents – from forms and applications to historical records. By implementing OCR technology into a Govtech application, governmental agencies can automate the data extraction process, thereby drastically reducing manual labor and minimizing errors. This makes the archival and retrieval of documents more efficient, fostering transparency and ease of access to public records. Furthermore, OCR can aid in analyzing data from various documents to formulate better policies and decisions based on historical and current data trends. Ultimately, integrating an OCR API can pave the way for more streamlined, cost-effective, and citizen-friendly governmental operations, promoting inclusivity and digital literacy.

Expand Your Application’s Potential with PrizmDoc OCR API

Incorporating advanced OCR capabilities into your application is easier than ever with the release of PrizmDoc’s OCR API feature. To learn more about how you can quickly add full-page and zonal character recognition that supports multiple languages, talk to one of our PrizmDoc experts today.