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ISEBOX Reinvents Product Functionality With PrizmDoc

PrizmDoc customer ISEBOX

Managing digital media is a feat for any business today. Companies often struggle to store, distribute, and manage their content efficiently without an all-inclusive Multimedia Content Solution.

There are a variety of businesses that simply can’t afford an upfront investment in IT to create a distribution service themselves. This is where ISEBOX comes in. ISEBOX is far more than just a digital news distribution solution; it’s a unique tool for storing, managing, and distributing content in the digital space.

When ISEBOX first developed their solution, they quickly discovered that their product was missing an integral aspect. Their customers wanted to see their documents within the platform. After researching the best document viewers, ISEBOX discovered Accusoft.

Let’s take a look at how and why ISEBOX decided to integrate Accusoft’s PrizmDoc document viewer with their product to improve functionality and reduce development time.

ISEBOX’s Challenges

In the beginning, ISEBOX offered a simple solution for customers who wanted to distribute and publish content. However, it quickly became clear that their customers wanted more. Their product needed an added functionality: Their customers wanted to see their documents.

ISEBOX knew this meant integrating a document viewer into their current products. The research began. Through searching LinkedIn, product reviews, and industry recommendations, ISEBOX narrowed the decision down to a few potential products.

After testing all of the products, ISEBOX decided that PrizmDoc was the best option for the company. With a robust range of tools that was cost effective for their needs, ISEBOX selected Accusoft as a technology provider and began integrating the viewer into their products.

Accusoft’s Solutions

Using cloud-hosted PrizmDoc, ISEBOX maintains their objective of making all content available across devices and environments. PrizmDoc helps ISEBOX’s clients view and distribute an array of file formats including PDF, DOC, EPS, PSD, XLS, and more. All of the ISEBOX products currently include PrizmDoc.

“It is an integral part of our platform that users now rely on. ISEBOX allows our clients—ranging from Michelin Tire, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Nike, and others—to upload virtually any kind of content for distribution to media outlets and partners,” says Salvatore Salpietro, Chief Technology Officer.

Michelin, courtesy of ISEBOX

The ISEBOX platform is unique in that it includes document viewing before the download. Unlike file sharing services or some cloud storage providers, ISEBOX opens up distribution to the world of small audiences.

ISEBOX Grows With PrizmDoc

ISEBOX recently launched marketing campaigns to generate more adopters. With the use of PrizmDoc technology, the company is expecting to see a 20 percent growth in the next four to six months.

ISEBOX now allows clients to integrates a multitude of files all in one place and syndicates their message to any audience. It also evaluates who has viewed and used which content, when they engaged in the action, and where they did it. ISEBOX is used as software-as-a-service (SaaS), which avoids any upfront investment in IT. Plus, everything is web-accessible and mobile. To see all the benefits ISEBOX discovered using PrizmDoc, read the full case study below.

Download the full case study