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Keep Your Documents Safe From Exploits with an HTML5 Viewer

PDFs are everywhere. They’re used in virtually every business setting. You’re constantly forced to download them while web browsing just to view the content you want to see. And since we’ve all learned that you can’t be too big to fail, we are seeing a variety of instances where people are taking advantages of vulnerabilities within the PDF file format.

Mozilla, a popular internet browser, released a patch today as a fix to one of these vulnerabilities. On August 5th, it was discovered that Mozilla products using the PDF Viewer had vulnerabilities that allowed remote access to local files. And this is just one example from the rapidly growing world of PDF exploits.

Back in September 2014, payroll company ADP had malicious emails sent out to its users which delivered PDFs containing malware. The goal was to phish personal information. In 2013, Adobe identified another remote code execution exploit that Adobe 9, 10 and 11 temporarily vulnerable.

The popularity of the PDF has made it a vessel for hacking, but that doesn’t mean you have to break off your long-term relationship with the useful file format. HTML5 document viewers like Accusoft’s on-premise product, Prizm Content Connect, and SaaS product, Accusoft Cloud Services Viewer, give you the protection you need to view PDFs securely.

Integrating Accusoft’s viewer into your application means users will never have to download any files or plugins. Simply view documents and images right in the browser, knowing that the files have been protected with 256-AES encryption in transit. Even user permissions on files can be controlled and customized, so unauthorized users never have access to a file unless you want them to have access.

View dozens of file types, including PDFs, right in your browser and ensure document security on any device. We’ve got you covered. Learn more about Accusoft’s viewer for the cloud or check out our on-premise version.