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Keep Your Projects On Track with Automated Workflows

We understand the importance of workflows in creating a well-organized workplace. An efficient workflow can decrease development time and costs and increase productivity. With our newest Accusoft Cloud Services release, we’re giving you an easy way to build and manage your workflows.

Drive efficiency in your organization and connect people and processes more easily than ever before with streamlined workflows designed by you. With ACS automated workflows, you can create dynamic document and image management workflows using a simple web-based user interface. Select document management functions through a guided workflow creation tool, minimizing downtime and increasing the productivity of your team. With this new tool, the number of API calls required to complete complex tasks are reduced, saving everyone time and frustration.

Spend more of your time on the work you love and less time on workflow implementation with our newest user-friendly solution to help you streamline the way you manage your projects.

Want to see workflows in action? Watch our video.

Join us for a webinar on September 30th to learn more about workflow automation and watch a live demo. Sign up here!

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